Delano DMV receives recognition from state

January 28, 2008

By Jen Bakken
Staff Writer

The Delano Motor Vehicle Department received a letter of recognition from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services recently.

Having been several years since the state had conducted an unannounced inspection, an unannounced audit was a surprise to DMV employees.

“There hasn’t been one since I’ve been here, in the past three years,” said Joan Miller, Delano Motor Vehicle coordinator. “They just showed up. It was a surprise.”

The audit, performed Nov. 28, showed no inconsistencies with reporting practices or sticker issuance.

Verification was made of the stickers in the office and that they were kept securely.

The letter of recognition to the Delano DMV office said they were an excellent example of outstanding accounting practices.

Miller lives in Montrose and has worked as the Delano DMV coordinator for three years.

Sarah Lindahl lives in Waverly, and has been employed as a licensing clerk for four years; and Janice Gunther lives in Watertown, and has worked for the Delano DMV as a licensing clerk for the past two years.

Together, the three are proud of the letter of recognition, and strive to provide great customer service.

“The employees put in many hours,” said Brian Bloch, the City of Delano’s finance director and assistant city administrator. “They strive to make our motor vehicle department the best in the area. The recognition the department has, and is receiving is well deserved.”

Along with quality customer service, the motor vehicle department provides a variety of services to meet the needs of the community.

They handle all motor vehicle transactions and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) vehicle transactions.

Other services available include; title transfers, duplicate titles, tab renewals, new and new to state vehicle registration, duplicate plate and stickers.

Fast track expedited title service is offered at the Delano DMV; however it does not handle driver’s license transactions.

To contact the motor vehicle office, call (763) 972-0568.