Six candidates to vie for Delano royalty positions

May 12, 2008

Six candidates will compete this summer for positions within the Delano Royalty Organization to represent the community of Delano throughout the year.

The six young women are all seniors at Delano High School, and will graduate in May 2008.

The candidates will be participating in several activities and community events during the months prior to the Fourth of July celebration.

They welcomed guests at the Delano Expo April 5 and recently participated in bingo at the Delano nursing home.

Among volunteering and judging events, the candidates will also enjoy getting to know each other better and improving their presentation skills in upcoming events. The ladies will also be appearing at the Memorial Day Parade Monday, May 26.

In the past 40 years, young ladies have represented Delano before using the skills they acquired to achieve their goals in life. Following are introductions to this year’s candidates.

Ashley Cook

Ashley Cook is 17 years old, and has been involved in cheerleading for the past four years, three of those years as captain.

She also enjoys playing with her dog, four-wheeling, cooking, baking and photography, which has become a great interest in the past year due to a great influence.

Next year, Cook plans on attending Mankato State and hopes to receive her bachelor’s degree in science and dental hygiene. She is the daughter of Dawn and Terry Cook.

When asked what her long term goals are, Cook responded, “I plan on having a stable career and going back to school to earn my master’s degree. I also hope to have someone to share my life with and potentially marry and have children someday. I would be blessed if I could continue to be a part of the Delano community and work with the royalty committee in some capacity in the future.”

Ashley is sponsored by McDonald’s Studio and Delano Lions Club.

Alex Forster

Alex Forster is 18 years old, and is involved in the Delano High School choir and solo ensemble.

She is also a member of YAR (Youth As Resources) and the National Honor Society.

She enjoys cooking, baking, volunteering at school and church, participating in the church choir, running, and playing tennis.

Forster will be attending Northwestern College of St. Paul, where she will hopefully play intramural tennis and racquet ball.

She plans to study kinesiology and theology. She is the daughter of Dan and Laura Forster.

When asked what her long term goals are, Alex said, “After achieving my master’s degree, I hope to incorporate my kinesiology knowledge with physical therapy to help children with disabilities. I also hope to use my theology education to pursue a youth pastor position here in the states or abroad. My goal is to better the lives of people through medical healing as well as spiritual healing.”

Forster’s sponsors are the Delano Jaycees and Crow River Bank.

Adrienne Hood

Adrienne Hood is 17 years old and involved in theater, SHARP (Students Helping Adolescents Resist Pressure), National Honor Society, and Link.

She also enjoys writing, filmmaking, and barbecues with friends at the park.

Next year, Hood will be attending Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, where she plans to major in physics. She is the daughter of Elaine Harkess and David Hood.

When asked what her long term goals are, Hood said, “I plan to attend graduate school, possibly at MIT, and obtain a master’s degree in physics. After that, I hope to get a research job at NASA, or somewhere in the private sector. I want to continue to travel to foreign countries improving my language skills. I would also eventually like to publish a book.”

Hood is sponsored by Delano Sportsmen’s Club and State Bank of Delano.

Katy Miller

Katy Miller is 18 years old and enjoys horseback riding, cheerleading, golf, and snowboarding.

Miller plans to attend Ridgewater College in Willmar while working full time. She is the daughter of Michael and Michele Miller.

When asked what her long term goals are, Miller responded, “After I am done with college (Ridgewater in Willmar) I hope to become a very successful business worker. To have a high level of knowledge when I’m in my 20s would be very beneficial for me. I love to learn new things and I like to communicate with people.”

Miller is sponsored by New Attitudes Salon and the Delano Herald Journal.

Angie Snaza

Angie Snaza is 18 years old and involved in volleyball and dance team. She also enjoys working at Club Kid, dancing at a studio in Watertown, and spending time with her friends and family.

Snaza plans to attend Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She is the daughter of Duane and Bonnie Snaza.

When asked what her long term goals are, Snaza said, “Once I have settled into a stable job, I look forward to marrying and starting a family. After working at a childcare facility for the past three years, my passion for teaching and working with children has only grown.”

Snaza is sponsored by Delano American Legion and Delano Athletic Club.

Katie Stevens

Katie Stevens is 18 years old and is involved in cheerleading, track and National Honor Society. She also enjoys playing the piano.

Stevens plans to attend Bethany Lutheran College and major in secondary education in math, and minor in music. She is the daughter of Jon and Brenda Stevens.

When asked what her long term goals are, Stevens said, “My long-term goals include graduating from Bethany Lutheran College with a secondary education degree. I then hope to have the privilege of teaching in a welcoming, friendly community like Delano. It has always been an important goal of mine to make a difference in the life of a child. Music has also been a very important aspect in my life. In the future, I plan to look for future opportunities in musical entertainment.”

Stevens is sponsored by the Delano Area Chamber of Commerce and Bagy-Jo, Inc.