LP school offers contract to top superintendent candidate

May 19, 2008

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

It looks like the search is over for a new superintendent of Lester Prairie Schools.

At a special school board meeting on Monday, the board gave Superintendent Joe Miller the go-ahead to offer a contract to Greg East of Breckenridge.

East was chosen unanimously by the school board to replace Miller who is retiring.

In a phone conversation on Thursday morning, Miller said, “Contract negotiations have gone well. A tentative agreement is signed and waiting for the board’s approval.”

The approval should come at the next board meeting which has been rescheduled for Tuesday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m.

East was selected by the board as its number one candidate for superintendent after a report was given by Board Members Fred Blaser and Chester Hoernemann on their on-site visit to Breckenridge. It was obvious from the visit, the two were impressed with East’s references.

Hoernemann told board members that the Breckenridge staff had made numerous positive comments about East including he was a good communicator, exceeded goals he set, was quick to applaud staff accomplishments, willing to talk to anyone at any time, attended almost every school function, and the financial secretary said he was one of the best superintendents he had ever worked for.

Blaser said he was recommending East as a member of the on-site committee because he believed East would fit in well with the teaching staff, and the community, and he viewed that to be very important.

Miller, who made the on-site visit as well, said what impressed him about East was watching his interaction with the students. As they were moving to a conference room in the school, they walked down the hallway and students would say “hi” to East and he would call them by name.

Miller said he could tell from watching the children’s faces they were acknowledging East out of respect.

School board members present at Monday’s meeting were Fred Blaser, Karla Heigl, Jeff Hecksel, and Chester Hoernemann.

All four members present had been involved in the administrative interviewing process, Miller said.

Not present at the meeting were Jim Jorgenson and Melissa Williams.

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