LP Mayor Angvall resigns: this time, it’s for real

March 17, 2008

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

Lester Prairie Mayor Eric Angvall, a self-proclaimed “wingnut” who has marched to his own drummer during nearly two decades in Lester Prairie city government, announced his resignation in classic Angvall style during Monday’s council meeting.

He notified the council of his resignation by passing out a Letterman-esque list of the top 10 reasons for his resignation.

Following is Angvall’s list, as he wrote it:

The top 10 reasons that I am having a disconnection from the council:

10) My mind is still good, but my body is shot;

9) I wanted to leave before Joe Miller resigned from the school;

8) 2008 is an even number and a leap year;

7) I could not afford the fee to re-run;

6) I’ve been mayor as long as my grandfather was (in Faribault); goal achieved;

5) I have carpel tunnel from signing all of the checks;

4) The mayor’s chair is dirty;

3) I have been mayor in two centuries;

2) Most people have learned how to spell my name;

And the number one reason is:

1) spring has sprung, the grass has rized, I now know where the birdie is.

For the benefit of those who are still confused by his 10-minute temporary resignation in January 2007 (to allow long-time Council Member Roland Bruckschen to end his city service as mayor), Angvall made it clear that, this time, it is for real.

Angvall, who had previously hinted that he did not plan to seek re-election in November, said he made the decision to resign, rather than serving the remainder of his term, so that the new mayor and council will have the opportunity to participate in the entire process of establishing the city budget for 2009.

Angvall said he was announcing his resignation early to allow the council to prepare for the change.

He suggested that Acting Mayor Larry Hoof should take over the duties of mayor, and he recommended that the council consider appointing resident Bob Messer, who has already announced his intention to run for council, to fill the vacant council seat.

Angvall said he will submit his formal letter of resignation to the council in April. He will open the May Council meeting, and then turn over the gavel to his successor, he said.

Election complication

Angvall’s resignation will complicate the November election slightly. Here is how things will work:

If Acting Mayor Larry Hoof takes over the duties of mayor, he will serve in that capacity until the end of this year. He would then resume his duties as council member, because the council term he is serving is not up this year.

The mayor seat will be up for election in November, and if Hoof wished to continue as mayor, he would have to run for the office.

The council has the option to appoint someone to fill the council position temporarily vacated by Hoof. This appointment will last through the end of the year. The person appointed would have to run for one of the open council seats or the mayor seat in order to serve beyond December.

The council seats currently held by Ron Foust and Art Mallak are up for election in November. Mallak has stated that he will not seek reelection.

The net result is that the city will have a new mayor, and at least one (and possibly two) new council members next year.

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