Filings for city council seats, school board ends Tuesday

Sept. 8, 2008

By Lynda Jensen

Local city clerks and school district secretaries continue to accept applications for those interested in filing for mayor, council or school board – with Tuesday, Sept. 9 being the final day to file for all seats (not Sept. 15).

Candidates have until 5 p.m. Tuesday, which is a different deadline than previously printed in the paper, due to incorrect information supplied previously.

Filings are starting to fill in for school board, city council and mayorships in the area, which feature open seats in the fall election.

Four people have filed so far for HLWW four-year seats: incumbents Paul Weibel, Michelle Heuer and Charlie Weber, and newcomer Fred Yerke.

Six out of seven board positions are open for HLWW (all except for Jamie Wiech). Those seats up are: Lori Custer, Al Doering, Michelle Heuer, Dan Schaible, Charles Weber and Paul Weibel.

Two of these positions are two-year terms because they were appointed positions (Heuer and Weibel). The other seats for HLWW are four-year terms.

Lester Prairie School Board is also looking to fill three positions, served by Jeff Hecksel, Melissa Williams and the position served by Bob Carlson, which was just filled by Karla Heigl.

Heigl filed for Lester Prairie School Board so far. There have been no other filings yet.

All three of these positions are four-year terms, despite the fact that Carlson resigned early, since he nearly completed his term.

Other city council filings include:

Howard Lake – In Howard Lake, four people have filed so far. Incumbents Rick Lammers has filed for mayor, and Mike Mitchell for the two-year council seat. For the four-year council seat, incumbents Tom Kutz and Jan Gilmer filed. Four out of five council positions are up for grabs at the City of Howard Lake. Mitchell’s position is a two-year spot, since he was appointed to fill out Al Munson’s seat when Munson vacated it previously.

Waverly – Four have filed in Waverly so far, Ken Antil for mayor, as well as Keith Harris, Connie Holmes and Charlie Brown for city council positions. The mayor position served by Ken Hausladen is up. Council seats served by Gary Olson and Deb Hausladen are also up.

Winsted – Incumbent Steve Stotko has filed for mayor. This is the only filing so far in Winsted. Seats up in Winsted include the mayor position is up that is served by Stotko, and council positions served by Tom Ollig and Bonnie Quast.

Montrose – Two people have filed so far in Montrose, Mary McCarty and Joe DeBauche; both for four-year council terms. The mayor position served by Charlie Nelson is open. Council positions are up that are served by Jeff Peterson and Cindy Beaton.

City of Lester Prairie – Still only one person has filed so far, incumbent Andy Heimerl for mayor. There are four spots open, three council and the mayor position vacated by Eric Angvall. Andy Heimerl was appointed as acting mayor, which left a vacant council position since he was already on the council. The vacant council seat was filled by Bob Messer. The mayor position has a two-year term. The position served by Messer is also a two-year term to finish out the rest of what would have been Heimerl’s seat. Other council seats are up that are being served by Ron Foust and Art Mallak. These are four-year terms.

New Germany – Four people have filed so far in New Germany. Pete Peterson filed for mayor. Three filed for council, incumbents Marc Trujillo and Shirley Jaeger filing for the four-year council terms, and Jim Paul filing for the two-year council position. In New Germany, the mayor position is open, served by Pete Pederson. Three council positions are open, two four-year terms served by Trujillo, and Shirley Jaeger, and the seat that was held by Chip Purcell who resigned in June. Jim Paul was appointed to fill that seat through the end of the year.

• Mayer – Three people have filed so far, incumbent Chris Capaul for mayor, and Erick Boder and Bruce Osborn for the city council seats. In Mayer, the mayor position is up, served by Capaul as well as two four-year council positions served by Ron Haag and Jim Stanley.

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