Miss Delano Sarah Fleming attends St. Paul Winter Carnival

February 18, 2008

Miss Delano Sarah Fleming received the royal treatment in January, at the “Coolest Celebration on Earth.”

From Jan. 24-27 Fleming, along with 83 other queens from around the state, attended the St. Paul Winter Carnival events. The visiting royalty program allows these young women to experience all that St. Paul has to offer.

The visiting royalty stayed at the Holiday Inn and were escorted by coach around town.

They participated in the Grand Day Parade and made public appearances at the ice sculptures in Rice Park, and the snow sculptures at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

They had many group activities to get to know each other, such as bowling, making pottery, ice skating, and having lunch with the Vulcans at McDonald’s.

Fleming enjoyed all the events, and socializing with the other girls.

Fleming’s favorite event was the coronation because, “It was like being at the Grammy’s,” she said.

Dinner was served at the River Center as the pomp-and-circumstance of the event unfolded.

Fleming commented, “They even put our napkin on our lap.”

Brooke Stoeckel of Edina was crowned the 2008 Queen of the Snows, and Bill Foussard of St. Paul was crowned King Boreas.

Fleming completed her experience by joining Delano princesses Brittany Boorse and Emily Hutter at the Torchlight parade.

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