Forum receives thousands of views

March 31, 2008

Topics abound, such as comments about eight bald eagles near LP, fixing the state budget, and ‘good’ online games

By Lynda Jensen

In less than a month, the new Community Forum reached 13,324 views, which is nearly equal to six months of Blog traffic for Herald Journal Publishing. A record high of 671 views in one day registered March 17 on the Forum.

Top 10 Forum topics

The following are the top 10 topics of discussion. Simply click them to see comments.

1. Gas tax increase? I don't think so
Things To Do Before You Die, by Ivan Raconteur
3. HLWW mail-in ballot discussion
4. Support HLWW schools
5. Myths about HLWW finances
6. Medicating children with ADD
7 Mark Ollig's top web site pick of the week
8. Special meeting for HLWW voters??
9. Staying Tuned to American Idol by Kristen Miller
10. The Librarians' pick of the Week

Subjects on the Forum that attracted attention were nature comments about eight bald eagles sighted near Lester Prairie, several suggestions on how to fix the state budget, and top picks of web sites, games, books and more.

This week, one of the many subjects for discussion was the HLWW mail-in ballot.

A sample of comments from local people included the following:

• “Please research this operating levy information carefully before you walk into the voting booth. We live in the DC School District, and an operating levy was passed last fall, and last week we received our real estate tax information in the mail from Meeker County.

“We live in a small 3BR home, and our taxes increased 21 percent ($550). Of course, the entire increase was not entirely due to the operating levy; however, that was a major, major part of it. We will manage somehow, but we have neighbors living on a limited income, and their fear is that they will lose their home because they cannot continue to absorb the increased costs.

“So, if you feel that you can afford the increased costs, go ahead and vote for the increase – but please take into consideration what the increase will do to your parents, and your retired neighbors. It would be unfortunate that they would be forced to leave their homes because of these increased costs. We are seeing way too much of this with the foreclosures, etc., and in spite of the fact that an operating levy may be needed, please remember where this money will be coming from.”

• “HLWW voters, please don’t let (the previous person) scare you. I also live in the DC district and my taxes only went up $ 140.00 from last year. I live in a 3 bedroom home valued at about $200,000.

“But I live Stockholm Township in Wright County. I am not sure what Meeker County did to cause the taxes to go up that much. I don’t think that the $11.67 more per month is going to break me, even with rising gas prices. I feel that it is worth the amount to keep good schools which will make my property more likely to sell if and when I need it to.”

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