Top 10 Forum topics this week

April 14, 2008

By Lynda Jensen

The new Community Forum reached 21,103 views Friday, with various topics of discussion.

Subjects included local poetry, discussion about the failed HLWW mail-in ballot, and Mark Ollig’s popular Web Site of the Week. The Librarians’ top choice is also a highly viewed visitors’ destination.

The following is a list of popular subjects:

Top 10 Forum topics

The following are the top 10 topics of discussion this week:

1. Mail-in ballot for HLWW
2. Support HLWW School
3. Gas tax increase? I don’t think so
4. Myths about HLWW finances
5. Things to do Before you Die
6. Web Site of the Week by Mark Ollig
7. Medicating children with ADD
8. Staying tuned to American Idol
9. Special meeting for HLWW Voters?
10. Local Businesses support communities

The Librarian Favorites topic is also popular. This week, one of the many subjects for discussion was the HLWW mail-in ballot.

For the Forum feature “Things to do before you die,” Ivan Raconteur takes us to the destination of Churchill, Manitoba. Every year in late September, polar bears begin to congregate near the remote seaport to wait for Hudson Bay to freeze over for the winter.

The large concentration of bears makes “the Polar bear capital of the world” the best place to view these amazing animals in the wild. Read more about the bears on the “Things to do before you die” forum, www.hjblogs.com/forums.

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