Gas tax increase fuels new forum

March 3, 2008

By Lynda Jensen
Staff Writer

The Delano Herald Journal recently unveiled a new Community Forum for its online readers.

The forum allows online readers to create their own discussion subjects. Simply click on the “new topic” button to start a new conversation. All discussion, both topics and comments, are moderated. There is a very simple, first-time registration process. For an online poll and forum discussion, click here.

This week, one of the many subjects for discussion was the gas tax increase.

A sample of comments included the following, from local people:

• “These times are trying for all people. The foreclosures are sky-high and we need to cut back in government instead of expanding it. When Reagan cut taxes, the gov actually got more money in the coffers because of the expansion of the private sector.

With Pawlenty vetoing the transportation bill, what will they try to come up with that he will sign? Is bonding for transportation the way to go? What do you think?

• “I agree that the sheer timing of this is not good. Unfortunately, the gas tax has not been raised since 1988, and we all know the price of virtually everything else has increased, including the price tag on road repairs. I believe state government has been remiss not addressing this sooner.

“Not only has the gas tax been left stagnate, vehicle registration fees were reduced in 2000 by our good friend Jesse (Ventura). I think we have been enjoying paying less there.

• “The tax increase that passed is far more than anyone in the public realizes. By vetoing the bill on Friday and having the override vote on Monday, there weren’t enough news cycles to bring the issue into the consciousness of the public.

We should change the saying to read “Of the special interests, by the special interests, and for the special interests.”

That’s what we got yesterday. Bought and paid for by special interests. In fact, many of the road construction companies that will directly benefit from the transportation bill funded the override.”

• “I was disappointed to see that the veto was overridden, but, sorry to say, not surprised. Each Republican that voted for the override needs to be taken out in the next endorsement round.

“I was very disappointed to see Steve Dille voted to override the veto. It will be a huge hardship for people in his district to absorb the added cost, on top of the other increases in costs that we are having to shoulder.

“This is a business killer. Who will be the first to go?”

To take part in comments, go to www.dasselcokato.com, and click on “forums.”

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