Community Forum more than doubles its views

March 24, 2008

By Lynda Jensen

The new Community Forum more than doubled its online views in the past 10 days, reaching a total of 7,400 Friday.

Subjects on the Forum that attracted attention were the HLWW mail-in ballot, the perhaps dismal future of the school band in Lester Prairie, and weekly deals from Explore Minnesota under the “quick getaways” header. To check out the forum, click here.

A sample of comments included the following, from local people (click here for the HLWW mail-in ballot topics):

• “It is very hard to stay in a budget when the money for said budget decreases or is no longer there.

Economically I believe the entire nation is suffering. It is scary to think of voting yes on something that will take a bit more out of our own pockets. And for some, without children in the school system it is easy for them to have the mentality of why should I. *Please note I said “some” here as not all.

I believe the answer to be – Our future.

Please, please take the time to learn the facts before voting. It is not just about today and tomorrow.”

• “Why is it that so many people think that it is always a good thing to throw more money at schools? Anytime this issue comes up there is this attitude from the folks promoting it that you are somehow “evil” and “anti-children” if you don’t agree that more money is the answer.

How about spending more responsibly? How about fighting the teachers union and the state who force the schools to carry ineffective and expensive programs?

Maybe the district does need more money. Maybe the district needs to be more wise with the money they have.”

• “Renewing an operating levy should not be considered “throwing more money at our schools” – it’s money that was already being given to our schools with an increase for inflation, as previously stated. It is so hard for me to understand why people would not support renewing this levy, it just makes sense – I would encourage those who are opposed to it to do the research and find out what the tax impact is for you-it’s not that much when weighed against the good it does for our children and our communities.

• “I personally do not support this levy. I have to agree with others on the issues of seeking hand outs, and living outside of the budget. Good Luck on this.”

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