Annual township meeting, election set for Tuesday, March 11

March 3, 2008

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

In less than two weeks, voters will go to the polls to elect a supervisor to a three-year term on the Franklin Township Board of Supervisors.

Incumbent Bill McMullen is the only person who filed for the position, and his answers to a political candidate questionnaire can be found below.

Polls will be open Tuesday, March 11 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and will be at the Franklin Township Hall located south of Delano on Wright County Road 16. In the event of inclement weather, the township’s election and annual meeting will take place Tuesday, March 18.

After the polls close, the annual township meeting will take place at 8:15 p.m.

Below is candidate Bill McMullen’s responses:

Why are you running for office?

I can offer fellow township residents the time and effort necessary to represent their best long-term interests. I will listen and try to apply township policies in a fair and equitable manner so that no one interest is benefited at the loss of another.

What do you think are three major issues at this time and what do you propose to do about them?

The major issues facing the township are managing the budget in order to keep property taxes as reasonable as prudent, maintaining both the paved and gravel roads in a safe and economical way, and working with different outside entities to ensure that the township citizens’ interests are well represented.

This last issue concerns things such as annexation desires by the surrounding cities of Watertown, Montrose and Delano; long range land use plans with Wright County; and balancing the short term profit motive of various land developers with the long term township’s needs.

The way to work with all of these issues is to put the long term needs of the township first in line: listening, discussing and coordinating with the two other elected supervisors to seek the most cost effective solution that works for the long term.

The supervisor position requires the willingness to work together with the other two supervisors so that everyone’s opinion and thoughts can be voiced and then the best solution reached, which is often a compromise of the various interests.

Why should you be elected?

Voters should select me because I am the most qualified candidate running.

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