Howard Lake woman part of specialized photography studio

March 10, 2008

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

Hardly a woman could be found that wouldn’t want to feel like a supermodel for a day, and that’s what a Howard Lake woman and her friend started making possible last summer at their new photography studio.

Housewives, moms, women of all ages, and brides-to-be can be made to look “flawless,” head to toe, with the help of the owners of Sugar and Spice Photography, Angela Klein of rural Howard Lake and Cyndi Jenney of Albertville.

In addition to glamour shoots, couples, maternity, mother-daughter, bridal boudoir, and even bachelorette party shoots are offered that are much different than what you’d find at area studios.

The two women, who both are wives and moms, began their journey together when they both wanted to have extremely glamorous portraits done of themselves as a gift for their husbands.

The two shopped around and the closest studio they found for the type of photography they wanted, “Maxim magazine-like,” was in California and extremely expensive.

“Plus I wanted a woman photographer, and there was just no one here that did that,” Klein explained.

The two began by photographing each other, and as friends and relatives saw the magazine-style photos, interest and a client base grew. They were working out of their homes until last summer when they moved their business to a studio in Buffalo, which is directly above the store Yesterday’s Charm on Central Avenue.

The photography itself is creative, edgy, and like a magazine shoot, complete with hair extensions and fans to blow that hair around.

“It’s artsy photography – candid, but beautiful,” Klein said.

“It’s kind of Victoria Secret-like,” Jenney added.

“It brings you out of your shell. Women get confidence from it,” Jenney said.

“Plus the husbands are knocked off their blocks,” Klein added.

The women take pride in the re-touching they provide to photographs with the help of Photoshop. They can make the pictures look like celebrity and modeling photos.

“We work photography, lighting and re-touching tricks, to make women and men of all shapes and sizes look their best. The result is an experience of a lifetime and breathtaking photographs,” Klein said.

Each person receives star treatment and is provided hair extensions, false eyelashes, a make-over, and can even borrow outfits, costumes, and shoes for their shoot.

“Customers can’t wait to do it again. We’ve even had women tell us that their husbands had tears in their eyes when they’ve viewed the photos,” Klein said.

“It’s just really fun. We love it too, and it’s a fun day for us, too,” Jenney said.

Customers can view proofs online on a secure site in just a couple of days after their shoots. Sessions range from one-and-a-half hours to eight hours, depending upon the package the customer buys. In a typical five-hour shoot, about 2,000 pictures are taken, which is something other studios don’t come close to.

“Women spend countless dollars on clothing, fashions and other products to make ourselves feel beautiful and pampered, but personal photographs aren’t a consideration for most of us. We just don’t think of it,” Klein explained.

“We invest in portraits for weddings, graduations, and children, but not for ourselves. In our golden years, it’s not tattered handbags or empty product bottles that we’ll pull out to reflect on the beauty of our youth.  These photographs give you the priceless opportunity to express your personality and reflect on that part of yourself that you so often neglected in life,”  she added.

“There’s something really freeing in this type of photography – it feeds some kind of need we women have,” Jenney said.

For more information, contact Sugar and Spice Photography at (651) 248-9161 or www.sugarandspicephotography.com. The studio is currently booking out one month in advance.

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