Explore Minnesota guide to promote the Dassel and Cokato areas

May 26, 2008

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Tourists can now see all that Dassel and Cokato has to offer in an Explore Minnesota’s “A Guide to Heartland Minnesota,” featuring Dassel, Cokato, Hutchinson, and Glencoe areas.

In a joint effort to promote the four cities, the Cokato Chamber of Commerce, City of Cokato, Dassel Chamber of Commerce, and the Cokato Historical Society joined with Hutchinson and Glencoe for the promotional material.

“It’s to help the towns get more exposure and to get more people to visit our lovely towns and see what we have to offer,” said Dan Stonelake, president of the Cokato Chamber of Commerce.

The guide includes things to see and do when visiting these areas throughout the year.

Highlights for the Dassel and Cokato areas in the guide include parks, the six-mile trail, the Performing Arts Center, the history museums, annual events such as the Cokato Corn Carnival, and Dassel Red Rooster Days, as well as local art and antique shops.

Also included in the guide are historical sites unique to the DC area including Temperance Corner, Akerlund Studio, and the Mushroom Building.

A list of dining for DC can easily be found under each city, and a calendar of events for each month, as well.

Some local events listed include Cokato’s Cherry Pie Day in February, the business expo in April, Cokato’s citywide garage sale, the annual Cokato Chamber of Commerce’s pork chop dinner in June, Dairy Berry Day also in June, Dassel’s brat feed in July, the Cokato Corn Carnival in August, Red Rooster Days in September, and much more.

The guide also gives specialized tours from Cokato to Glencoe for those interested in either history, art, the great outdoors, or shopping.

The Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau applied for a grant through Explore Minnesota, the state’s tourism department.

The guides were sent out to 12,000 tour operators and excursion planners across the nation. Ten thousand were split between the four communities, in which 4,000 of those were sent to travel information centers and tourism organizations.

“Each of the communities are responsible for the guides and how they distribute them,” said Megan Peterson, marketing specialist for the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The artwork on the cover is courtesy of Bonnie Mohr, resident of Glencoe, who donated her work for the guide.

If any of the businesses in either towns would like copies of these guides, contact the city hall.

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