Highway 12 work progressing well

May 12, 2008

Work on the Highway 12 construction project through Delano continues to move along well. 

Multiple crews continue to work on the bridge, sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, private utilities, and the reconstruction of the highway. 

Many activities and many crews require an incredible amount of coordination. 

Bridge construction is well underway. When completed, the bridge will be supported by four abutments, with each abutment supported by several steel pile. 

The piling supports for the west bridge abutment are now installed, and the contractor will switch activities to the eastern-most abutment along Wright County Road 17. 

The embankment fill supporting the east abutment is currently under construction. Over the next weeks, people will start to physically see the future height of the new bridge.

The old bridge will likely remain in place until early June. The bridge continues to serve as a corridor to transport construction materials across the river. 

The bridge will be utilized in this capacity as long as it does not interfere with the construction of the new bridge.

The construction of the backage road south and west of Peppermint Twist and the Shell station continues to make excellent progress. 

Sand and gravel will be placed in the new street over the next week.  Sewer and water utilities will soon be completed near the intersection of these roads, with Wright County Road 30 making way for the street to be paved and used as a Highway 12 bypass. 

The timing for opening the backage road as a bypass has not yet been established.

The water main west of Fourth Street was installed this week. Utility crews are now installing storm sewer in the area between Ninth Street and County Line Road. They will also work to complete sewer and water utilities in the Ninth Street intersection next week. 

This section of highway in front of Delano Crossings is still on pace to meet the July 1 reopening.

Street crews have started to excavate soil on the north half of Highway 12 between Fifth and Eighth streets. This has certainly created more of an emphasis on the temporary access road on the south side. 

Most of the access road has been constructed and is in use. The access road will be extended after existing phone and cable utilities between Fourth and Seventh are deactivated.

Private utility companies continue to relocate their lines to accommodate the highway construction.  Earlier this week, utility contractors started a splicing process to convert to newly installed lines. 

This work will be completed next week and will enable the street crews to continue work along the entire corridor between Fourth Street and County Line Road.

Detour update

The detour of the detour is now behind us. Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) anticipated switching back to the original detour around midday Friday.  The original detour will be reestablished including the closure of Elm Avenue at County Line Road.

Minnesota State Patrol officers continue to be used periodically at the Bridge Avenue intersections. 

As early as Friday, MnDOT crews will be working on an additional improvement to the River Street and Bridge Avenue intersection. 

The signal heads will be upgraded to include left turn arrows. This equipment will allow additional signal phasing modifications emphasizing high volume turning movements.

The truck detour is still in the works.  MnDOT is negotiating with Hennepin and Wright Counties regarding detour routes. Spring weight restrictions on all area roads will be lifted next week. The city anticipates that this will assist in the negotiations with the counties.

Around-the-clock work taking place in some areas

Park Construction is continuing its fast pace of construction on Highway 12. 

Their pace, ultimately, has created some challenges for other contractors on the project.  One such challenge is surfacing with some of the private utilities along the corridor. 

Xcel Energy (gas) and Mastec, a contractor of Frontier (phone), have been busy relocating their utility lines outside of the future roadway. 

By early this week, Park Construction will have caught up to the private utilities in two areas. 

This conflict creates the very undesirable scenario that Park could have to suspend highway reconstruction in certain areas of the job until the private utilities are out of the way. 

To avoid this outcome, Mastec and Xcel operated accelerated construction activities for the remainder of last week. 

Mastec specifically worked around-the-clock on completing its new system. 

One of the impacts will be construction at the intersection of Third Street and St. Peter Avenue. 

At this location, Mastec will be completing connections of its new utility systems within a manhole located in the intersection. 

This construction will involve the use of a generator and lighting within the manhole and surrounding area 24 hours per day, supporting technicians completing the work. 

This effort will allow the phone utilities to be out of the way for Park Construction by early next week.  Residents in the area of Third Street and St. Peter Avenue should take note of this increased activity over the next week. 

For more information

During the Highway 12 construction process, the city will continue to utilize e-mail to send out information on the project as it becomes available.

If there is information that you feel would be helpful that may not have been shared to date, please reply to hwy12@delano.mn.us with your question or comment.

The city’s web site – www.delano.mn.us – has a special section with Highway 12 information under the “Projects” heading.

At this site, the city is posting construction drawings and a computer-simulated video of the finished Highway 12 project, plus frequently asked questions and the city’s responses.

This site will continue to be updated throughout the project with information as it becomes available.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding the project specifics, you may contact any of the following:

Rick Beckes, MnDOT project supervisor, (320) 223-6536;

Vince Vander Top, Delano city engineer, (763) 479-5124;

Ernie Eden, Delano public works director, (763) 972-0580;

Phil Kern, Delano city administrator, (763) 972-0565.