Deal between Dassel and Spectralytics progresses

February 18, 2008

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Spectralytics and the City of Dassel are making progress in their negotiations for land in a proposed industrial park at the intersection of Highways 12 and 15.

City Administrator Myles McGrath updated the city council last Monday about the deal during an informal workshop on city goals.

Spectralytics is a component manufacturer for the medical device market. It is currently at 145 S. 3rd St. in Red Rooster Industrial Park. The company has outgrown its current facility, and announced Nov. 21 that it intends to expand in Dassel, according to a letter from Gary Oberg, president of Spectralytics Inc., in a letter to McGrath.

Spectralytics will need eight acres for its expansion.

“The first parcel to be acquired would be an approximate 15 acres,” McGrath said in his update to the council.

Spectralytics will begin to expand on eight acres of the first parcel immediately, McGrath said.

“The balance of the property would set aside an approximate 1.2-acre area for a regional storm water pond, street right-of-way for future access to develop the entire industrial area, and an approximate three-acre parcel remaining for development adjacent to Highway 15. The entire 40-acre parcel would be tied into an agreement for purchase over time,” he added.

The costs for sewer, water and streets and other infrastructure will be assessed back to the benefitting properties. Spectralytics will be one of the benefitted properties. The rest will be deferred until the other sites are developed.

It is possible a grant is available to extend infrastructure, as well as a portion of the capacity of a new water tower, McGrath said.

Also, the purchase of the 40 acres of an industrial park may be structured to provide ownership either directly by the City of Dassel or the Dassel Economic Development Authority.

In order to attract more businesses in addition to Spectralytics to the proposed industrial park, the Dassel Planning and Zoning Commission has scheduled a hearing 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26, to amend the zoning ordinance. The change will allow Fringe and Highway Commerce Zoning districts, (C-2) to allow limited industry, I-1, into the commercial zone with a conditional permit.

Mayor Ava Flachmeyer agreed last Monday that she didn’t want Dassel to become only a bedroom community.

McGrath said Badboys Custom Cycle at Third Street and Highway 12, Dassel, will be moving to the former Cokato Equipment building east of Cokato on Highway 12. The Hansen’s Our Own Hardware building is empty, he added.

Council members also discussed hiring someone to market Dassel to prospective businesses as a goal for the city.

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