Herald Journal columnist’s ‘Inspirational Thoughts’ to be published

March 3, 2008

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

Herald Journal Columnist Pam Fiecke will soon have a compilation of some of her favorite motivational writings available in book form.

Since she began writing her column “Inspirational Thoughts” Dec. 19, 2005 for the Herald Journal, she has acquired quite a readership.

With encouragement from her fans, she has decided to publish some of her numerous stories in a book to be published by AuthorHouse based in Bloomington, Ind.

The book is titled “Inspirational Thoughts that Spark Our Emotions and Touch the Heart and Soul,” and will be out on bookshelves by April or May.

The volume will contain 12 months of inspirational thoughts or stories – five per month.

Each month will have stories that focus on things happening during that time-frame. For example, stories for May might have to do with Mother’s Day and February might have to do with love because of Valentine’s Day, Fiecke said.

Some of the stories selected have already been printed in the Herald Journal, and others are new.

Even before Fiecke began writing for the Herald Journal, she said she has always liked to write short stories that touch the heart and soul and give meaning to everyday life.

Her supply of stories seems limitless, having a two-month supply of work in her folder for the Herald Journal at all times and even more articles at home.

“There are nights I swear my head is just spinning. When I wake up in the morning and if I have the day off, I am in my pajamas and I look pathetic but I go right to my computer and I just write,” Fiecke said.

She likes to have a dictionary on her left and a Bible on her right.

“To me, it is really easy to write because all I have to do is turn my head and look at something and I can write about it. Or if somebody says something, three or four words, it just comes,” Fiecke said.

She has been writing since she was in high school.

“I started out with the fundamentals and then took a course on creative writing, and then advanced creative writing. Actually the school had to implement a class for me because I just kept going,” Fiecke said.

It was after she finished her advanced creative writing course that her Lester Prairie English teacher, Robert Henning, asked her if she would like to write a book.

That was how “Yesterday’s Tears Become Tomorrow’s Smiles” was written and published before she graduated from high school.

The story was done in flashback style and was about a young girl who lived through hardships in her life, but was able to see her life turning around.

The September after Fiecke graduated from high school she got married.

She put her writing away for a while, but she said she never abandoned it. She wrote articles for Holy Trinity Sunday School for many years as its director and she also wrote articles about her grandson, Benjamin, when he was in a national baby contest.

She first began to check out publishers for her book in September, looking for someone that would allow her to maintain editorial control and retain all rights to her book, Fiecke said.

Within two days after she had contacted the AuthorHouse, she had a contract and a representative from the publishing company who contacted her. According to Fieke, they are a leading provider of publishing marketing and service globally.

Since January, she has been busy choosing the articles she wants included in the book. In addition, she was asked for her biography, an introduction, a dedication and an honorary dedication which will be included in the book, as well.

For the honorary dedication she has named three: the Herald Journal for giving her a chance to share her stories with the public; Henning who taught her writing skills; and Monseigneur Robert Wyffels because Wyffels helped her gain a better understanding of her religion, giving her guidance and answering her questions when she taught Sunday School.

Fiecke’s next step is to work with a book designer, cover designer, and team consultant in early March who will listen to her thoughts on what she would like her book to look like.

Once the book is done, it will be going into 25,000 bookstores across the US, including Barnes and Noble. It will also be sold on amazon.com, target.com and by Ingram Book Company, one of the largest distributors in North America, Fiecke said.

Fiecke is extremely excited about her book. She recently heard back that everything is ready except for the cover.

Her future plans are to continue to write her column at the Herald Journal. She hopes to write another book, and she is thinking about writing a children’s book, too.

Pam is married to Stephen Fiecke and they live in Winsted. They have four children and four grandchildren. Their oldest son Jason is married to Hiromi and they have two children – Katie and Joshua. A son Ryan has two children – Benjamin and Gracie. Their youngest son is Brandon and their daughter is Krystal.

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