LP senior high band numbers may be down next year

March 24, 2008

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

It was business as usual for the Lester Prairie senior high band Monday, during its regular-scheduled class period.

However, last week’s talk about 2008-09 class schedules conflicting with band and music lessons still seems to be a big cause for concern for many of the students.

“I would like to take band, but I have to take two years of a foreign language to get into a four-year college. I can’t fit in band with the extra language,” Lester Prairie freshman Ben Price said.

Although the scheduling for next year’s classes will not be completed until the end of March, so far only eight students have signed up for senior high band. That is only half of the students that are in the current band.

This lack of numbers has caused parents and the band teacher, Tracy Cederstrom, to wonder just how successful the senior high band program will be next year.

“I love my band of 16 people; we’ve become like a family, and I thoroughly enjoy working with them. However, it puts them in a difficult situation to be the only player on their part (or one of two, which is the most people we have on any part), and although I enjoy rearranging parts, it’s an incomplete band experience for the students,” Cederstrom said.

There are many electives for students to choose from, but only six class periods a day to squeeze them in.

Students who plan to attend a four-year college can consider many electives including Spanish, computer applications, accounting, or shop classes offering welding and architecture – classes that would be a help to a future career.

Some of the students have suggested going to a seven-period day, but maintaining a tight school budget makes the possibility of adding more teachers and staff for the extra class period something that is probably not going to happen.

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