Delano Girl Scout has winning sales pitch

March 24, 2008

By Jen Bakken
Staff Writer

Practicing their sales pitch is something many Girl Scouts do before they begin selling Girl Scout cookies.

This important fundraiser is how the girls pay for their outings, camps, and supplies.

Each year, you will see many motivated girls wearing their Girl Scout uniforms as they strive to sell as many boxes of cookies as possible.

One of these girls is Anna Lundquist, daughter of Shelly and Russ Lundquist of Delano, and this year, her sales pitch was heard over the radio.

On her way to school one morning in January, with KS95 radio station on in the family vehicle, Anna heard an announcement for a Girl Scout cookie selling contest.

The contest was going to take place just after school was to start, but Anna was eager to compete, and begged her mother to let her be late for school.

“My mom told me to call my dad and see if it was okay with him,” said Anna Lundquist. “My dad said it was okay, so my mom drove me back home to call and try to make it on the radio.”

Once home, she called KS95 and ended up being chosen by producers of the Greg and Melissa morning show as one of the four Girl Scouts, ages 10 to 12, to compete. There was also a competition for girls ages 7 to 9.

Sound effects were used during the contest, and as soon as Anna heard the doorbell, she began her 30-second sales pitch.

She explained that cookies could be purchased for military troops. When she was asked what her favorite cookie was, she didn’t have to think twice before she replied with “thin mints.”

“I told him that there were two ways to support our troops; by sending the cookies to the US Troops, and the money going to the Girl Scout troops,” she said.

When announced as the winner, Anna could barely contain her excitement. She will proudly show off her check for $95.

The other girls may not have received $95, but KS95 did buy five boxes from each of them, and all cookies were donated to military troops.

“The girls were all very cute,” said Zach Skyler, executive producer for the KS95 Greg and Melissa morning show. “All the cookies were donated to the US troops. It was a nice thing to do, and we will probably do it again next year.”

The cookies will be sent to military troops around the world through Girl Scouts Operation Taste of Home with help from the United Service Organization (USO) at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

Anna Lundquist is a fourth grade student at Delano Elementary School who definitely had something to share during the morning meeting in her classroom.

Not many students can say they not only made it on the radio, but also won a contest at 10 years old.

“When I grow up, I want to be an actress,” Anna beamed. “This kind of helped me with that because you can’t be shy in public. It’s one way I can work at it and reach my goal.”

Anna’s younger sister, Amy, is also in Girl Scouts and, between the two of them, they sold 722 boxes of cookies this year.

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