Delano City Council approves landscaping plan for Hwy. 12 medians


By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

Delano City Council reviewed and approved landscaping recommendations made by the Highway 12 aesthetics committee at its regular meeting Tuesday.

Medians located on Highway 12 between County Line Road and Ninth Street will soon be ready to go, and the city hopes to landscape them before a large amount of traffic begins traveling on the roadway again.

City Administrator Phil Kern said the medians are designed to provide a nice entrance to the city coming from the east, and also slow traffic down as it enters Delano.

In its review, the committee focused on hardy stock to ensure the long-term viability of the plants, as well as looked at low-maintenance options.

City staff requested a one-year warranty on the project, and received bids from local nurseries. The lowest, Bauman Tree Service of Delano, was present at the meeting and answered several questions about the bid and type of trees to be used.

Members of the city staff will work with the tree service to keep things moving along with the project.

Annual licenses approved

The council approved annual licenses for a number of businesses at the council meeting last week.

Annual liquor licenses were approved for Doc Holiday’s, Dave’s Town Club, Delano American Legion Post 377, Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar, Three Crows on River Street, El Cazador, Coborn’s, and Holiday Station 214.

Licenses were also granted to Randy’s Sanitation for solid waste, recycling, and roll-off service, Blackowiak and Son for roll-off service, and Waste Management for rear-load and roll-off service.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office conducted a compliance check, and two license holders – El Cazador and Juke Box – failed the check. Letters were sent by the city May 8, instructing each to pay their respective fine or request a hearing. Neither requested a hearing by the deadline of May 23, and both license holders were sent reminders of their fines. As of the council meeting, El Cazador had paid its fine, but Juke Box had not.

The annual license for Juke Box was approved contingent upon the submission of a correct insurance certificate, plus payment of the 2008 fine prior to the renewal date of Tuesday, July 1.

License for Delano Athletics also approved

Later in the council meeting, members reviewed and approved a request from the Delano Athletics for a 3.2 beer license and lease agreement to use the Central Park grandstand for concessions and beer sales for the Section 8B playoffs from June 29 to Aug. 10.

It was noted that, due to a past violation from 2007, the club needed to pay a fine before requesting a license again, which it agreed to do, with the hope that the funds can be put back toward Central Park. There was also a three-day suspension as a part of the penalty, which will be served June 29, July 2, and July 11.

Jim Janzen, representing the Delano Athletics, supplied a copy of the insurance application, and said the underwriter needs to be assured the city will issue the license.

It was noted city staff will not issue the license without correct proof of insurance, which will need to be provided by the club.

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