Parking meters on Highway 12 in Howard Lake?

April 7, 2008

The Blog features April Fool’s Day jokes, including “parking meters that only take Canadian coins”

By Lynda Jensen

Parking meters that only take Canadian coins, along Highway 12? Only in the virtual world of the HJ Blog, where the meters were featured as one of three jokes online last week. To see parking meter photo, click here.

Another joke was the Winsted water tower being “on fire,” – an encore presentation to the 1991 April Fool’s Day edition of the Winsted Journal, where the entire front page was full of jokes, including a picture of the water tower with smoke pouring out of it.

The following is a copy of the Blog verbiage:

“Parking meters allowed for one day in Howard Lake”

In a stunning change of direction over the past decade, the Minnesota Department of Transportation approved parking along Highway 12 for one day — April 1 — in Howard Lake. Parking meters were immediately installed to charge those wishing to park along Highway 12.

Some reported difficulty with the meters because they only take Canadian coins, which was a cost-saving measure set into place due to the fall of American currency in the US.

“Winsted tower temporarily catches fire”

The Winsted water tower temporarily caught fire today, April 1. The Winsted Fire Department made such an immediate response that the fire spontaneously conceded defeat and put itself out, rather than go through the hardship of being “put out.”

This was attributed to water inside the water tower as being part of the reason it was extinguished as well as the lack of prevailing winds and recent virtual precipitation predicted by weathermen.

“Image of LP bulldog is sighted in corn chip”

A Lester Prairie resident discovered the image of a Lester Prairie Bulldog in her bowl of corn chips today, April 1. She said that she will be posting the corn chip as an item for sale on Ebay later this week, hoping for a low bid of $100,000.

She noted the sale of a corn chip shaped like Elvis, which sold on Ebay a few months ago for about $200,000. Previously, a partially eaten grilled cheese sandwich was sold for $28,000 shaped like the Virgin Mary.

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