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Delano City Council hears reports of ‘Molotov cocktails’ being ignited in town

October 20, 2008

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

Several small bombs, more commonly known as “Molotov cocktails,” have been set off at different locations around Delano lately, and the Wright County Sheriff’s Office wants to know who is responsible.

The Molotov cocktails are typically glass bottles, containing a fuel, that are broken upon impact. They can have a number of ignition sources, including burning a fuel-soaked rag using oil or kerosene.

At a recent Delano City Council meeting, Wright County Sheriff’s Deputy Lance Hellerud updated the council members on the incidents, and said one such device was thrown off the railroad bridge onto Highway 12.

Reports from the Delano Fire Department and sheriff’s office indicate the two departments responded to a report of objects burning on Highway 12 in the area of Delano Sports Center Sept. 27 at 3:27 a.m. After the fire department extinguished the fire, glass, cloth, and chemicals were found on the ground at the scene.

The department also responded to a similar call in Franklin Township near the Delano Theatre, where there was a small fire on Highway 12 Sept. 13 at 2:59 a.m. Some fragments were also found from a glass bottle.

The most recent incident took place Oct. 5, also on Highway 12, under the railroad bridge that crosses the highway. A fire was reported on the roadway under the bridge and extinguished itself.

To date, no personal property or injuries have been reported relating to the incidents, but authorities want to put a stop to this before it progresses into something more damaging.

After one of the incidents, witnesses reported seeing a white man with a red shirt running westbound on the railroad tracks, Hellerud said.

If anyone has information on these incidents, contact the Wright County Sheriff’s Office at (763) 682-1162 or Delano Fire Chief Bob Van Lith at (763) 972-0581.

Hellerud also noted an increased number of bicycle thefts that have been reported recently in Delano, and said that, while there doesn’t appear to be any sort of pattern to the thefts, it is important to be sure and secure bicycles to prevent the thefts.

He also said to write down the serial number that is found on the bike itself, and if it does happen to be taken, reporting the number to authorities can aid in its recovery.


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