HLWW finds many myths amuck

March 10, 2008

HLWW school board members compared notes last Monday about false rumors and discovered there are quite a few myths when it comes to the district and its mail-in operating levy attempt.

Here are the top 10 myths circulating:

Myth 1: That the levy is to pay for the operations at the new high school. This is false. The levy will actually help replace an operating levy that expired last fall (which wasn’t renewed by voters), as well as the lease levy for portable classrooms that was allowed to expire.

Myth 2: The district can run levy elections as often as it likes.This is false. The district can run an operating levy once per calendar year.

Myth 3: Special services have not increased over the years. This is incorrect. Special education costs increased 12 percent for 2006-07.

Myth 4: The high school gym was built too small for varsity competition. This is false. The gym was built as a two-station gym that will be used for varsity competition.

Myth 5: The auditorium was not finished because of the lack of money or the failure of the operating levy. This is false. The auditorium acoustical sound walls will be finished. The construction and shipping of the sound walls was delayed, but should be finished in the month.

Myth 6: The building is heated by a wood boiler. This is false, the building is heated and cooled by rooftop units fired by natural gas with an LP backup. This allows the district some savings with the dual fuel option.

Myth 7: The project will not be finished because of the lack of money. This is false. The project will be finished, on budget. Some parts of the project were changed or delayed, but are scheduled to be completed this spring and summer, such as the second lift for the parking lot.

Myth 8: What about the pool? A pool was never part of the project.

Myth 9: The bus garage was dropped from the project. This is false. The project is near completion at the north side of the property.

Myth 10: Statuatory operating debt (SOD) is not a problem for school districts. This is incorrect. The Department of Education will force the district into an action plan with a short timeline to address SOD.

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