Oasis to start its second season Saturday at its new location, The Grounds

Oct. 13, 2008

Music to feature local artist, Caroline (Newsom) Wigmore and husband Chris

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

COKATO, MN - Warm coffee, live music, and good company is what Ben Brandt, music director at Elim Mission Church, hopes the new Oasis Concert Coffee House will provide.

Oasis started last February as a monthly young adult Christian worship service at Elim Mission Church on the third Saturday.

This season, the coordinators, Holly Hansen, musician; Matt Nelson, youth director at Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church; and Brandt, decided to move the gathering to The Grounds coffee shop.

“We wanted more of a neutral setting, and The Grounds is just perfect,” Brandt said.

Danelle Erickson, owner of The Grounds, is looking forward to hosting Christian artists and being a place for young people to gather and talk.

After taking off for the summer, the second season of Oasis will begin Saturday at 7 p.m. in its new location featuring local artist and former Dassel-Cokato High School graduate, Caroline (Newsom) Wigmore and her husband, Chris.

The couple are both musicians and have a band that, at the moment, only consists of the two of them. They call themselves “The Wigmores.”

Caroline (Newsom) Wigmore, formerly of Cokato, started singing in bands at 15 years old, and continues to play gigs and write music.

A love of musical theatre and songwriting led her to major in musical playwriting at the University of Minnesota.

With one foot in theatre and the other in music, Wigmore continues writing for the stage and also enjoys working as a singer/songwriter, where she can express her own thoughts, she said.

Wigmore now writes for the Herald Journal, is the music director at Lamson Evangelical Free Church of Dassel, and is currently working on a new play.

Caroline recently married Chris Wigmore, a prolific guitarist and songwriter from England.

Chris attended the University at Cambridge where he graduated with two master’s degrees, in science and arts.

It was during his years at Cambridge that Chris honed his skills on the guitar, according to Wigmore.

He now works in computer science for a British advertising agency, dabbles in photography, and enjoys playing gigs like the one coming up at The Grounds.

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