Wright County Sheriff’s deputies search Cokato apartment for stolen items

April 21, 2008

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Three men were arrested Wednesday after a raid by 12 law enforcement officers of an apartment at the corner of Millard Avenue and Third Street in Cokato.

Michael Rolla, 20, of Blaine and Jeremy Fuller, 18, of Coon Rapids were arrested for allegedly burglarizing a rural home early Tuesday at 60th Street, Howard Lake, in a home invasion.

Kyle Posusta, 24, was arrested for allegedly possessing the stolen items in his apartment at 300 Millard Ave. Apt. 2, Cokato, according to Wright County Sheriff’s Sgt. Becky Howell.

About an hour before the home invasion in rural Howard Lake, a 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe was stolen from an apartment complex on Jackson Avenue in Cokato, she said.

The investigation into the incident is no way complete by Thursday, but officers suspected the two incidents were connected, Howell said.

The homeowner in the Victor Township burglary reported he awoke, and heard the suspects in his home. The homeowner chased one suspect down a flight of stairs into his yard, firing shots at the suspect. The suspect got into a Chevrolet Tahoe and fled the area, according to the Wright County Sheriff’s Office.

The homeowner went back inside his house and found the second suspect had climbed out a window. Numerous items were missing from the house. Deputies were unable to find the suspects in the area.

The Chevrolet Tahoe was found in the afternoon in the parking lot next to Cokato Elementary School, and there was a bullet hole in the vehicle.

That evening, the sheriff’s office received a report there was a possible car prowler in Cokato. Deputies responded to the area and apprehended Rolla. Rolla allegedly provided information to deputies about the Posusta apartment.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office received permission to execute a search warrant from Judge Dale Mossey of the apartment for the stolen items and other illegal contraband, she said.

Law enforcement officers, some wearing bullet proof vests, suddenly swarmed into the apartment building for the search. Exits from the scene were blocked by officers or their squad cars.

Officers allegedly found the majority of stolen property, guitars, speakers, electric guitar equipment and the victim’s cell phone. Some drug paraphernalia was allegedly recovered also, Howell said.

Rolla was charged with first degree burglary. Fuller was charged with probable cause burglary in the first degree. They also are being investigate for previous burglaries at First National Bank and the State Bank of Cokato.

Posusta was arrested for probably cause possession of stolen property, according to the sheriff’s office.

More information will be released to the public as the investigation continues, Howell said.

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