Old recipe book features Howard Lake retailers of 1917

February 11, 2008

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

While gathering information for the updated Howard Lake history book due for publication this spring, Gladys Triplett of Howard Lake came across her mother’s old recipe book.

In fact, the recipe book, called “Everybody’s Best” was organized by The Library and Improvement Club of that time, and was published in 1917. What caught Triplett’s eye were the advertisements in the book for Howard Lake businesses of 1917.

Triplett remembers the O.P. Jungclaus Company general store in Howard Lake. The ad sparked her memory of the store, which was located where the Custer building (the old grocery store) now sits.

“It had all kinds of you-name-it. It was a big store in that day,” Triplett said. “There were clothing and shoes on one end of the store and groceries on the other. It was run by (the late) Reuben and Gladys Pudlitzke,” she added.

“One ad I found very interesting was for Turkey Track Farm,” Triplett laughed. “I can remember seeing the bronze turkey they speak of in the ad,” she added.

Some of the businesses in Howard Lake in 1917 that placed ads in the recipe book included:

• E.A. Rausch’s – Dealer in General Merchandise

• John A. Smeig – Expert Tire Repairer, “Old tires made good as new.”

• Ed Bloomquist – Painter and Paperhanger, “Let me figure on your next job.”

• W.H. Patterson and Son – Auto and Horse Livery, “Drives day or night, rain or shine”

• George R. Koenig – Confectionery, “Fruits, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Cigars, Tobacco, Etc.”

• Hotel Howard – P.J. Hildebrandt, “Enjoy an outing at our beautiful lake. Special inducement to Sunday parties. Boats for rent. Bathing suits. Free tackle. Come and see us.”

• Howard Lake Produce – G.C. Marshall, Manager, “Cash buyers of eggs, produce, poultry, hides, etc.”

• Howard Lake Milling Company, “Manufacturers of choice spring wheat flour, ground feed, and coarse grain for sale. Custom grinding a specialty. Give us a trial.”

• George Boxell – Furniture and Undertaking

• Lakeview Restaurant

• City Hall Barber Shop

• Howard Lake Herald

• Gerard Brothers – Proprietors

• Howard Lake Telephone Co.

• Central Lumber Company

• Monarch Elevator Company

• A.G. Moffatt, M.D. – Physician and Surgeon

• Ernest Workman – licensed auctioneer

• Scheer and Bushey druggists

• Cargill Elevator Company

• Howard Lake and Victor Nurseries

• A.L. Lee, D.V.M. – veterinary surgeon

• The Bank of Howard Lake

• I.N. Parker – Auctioneer, “Sales cried in Wright and adjoining counties. Write or phone for terms and date.”

There were many other advertisers in the book as well.

When Triplett spotted Dr. Moffatt’s ad, she explained how she remembers her dad, Roy Mauk, driving Dr. Moffatt around in a horse drawn carriage to patient’s houses during the flu epidemic.

“Dr. Moffatt slept between house calls, he was run ragged,” Triplett said.

While looking at George Boxell’s ad, Triplett said Boxell gave her mother a doll with a paper dress that had punched eyelets on the dress. Triplett now has that unique doll.

As for the recipes in the book, Triplett recalls her mother making the plum pudding recipe every Christmas.

“It’s a steamed pudding, and there’s not a plum in it,” she laughed. “My kid sister makes it now. I’m not much into cooking,” Triplett laughed.

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