From the mayor’s seat to the race for state representative

July 21, 2008

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

After 20 years in city government, former Lester Prairie mayor Eric Angvall has entered the race for state representative in District 18A.

He received the DFL nomination July 13.

“I was approached by quite a few people who asked me to run,” Angvall said.

He said, if elected, he would be honest with taxpayers.

“A fee is still a tax. It is a cost of interacting with government,” he commented.

“None of us likes taxes, but I don’t want to put everything on my grandkids. That’s just not proper. Every time you take out a 30-year bond, it is not you who is paying for it, it is your kids and grandkids. We are better off paying for most things as we go. It gives things a value,” he said.

Angvall said his range of experience helps him look at problems differently.

His nearly 20 years as mayor of Lester Prairie allowed him to see the impact of cuts in aid to cities firsthand.

He earned a degree to teach high school biology, and occasionally works as a substitute teacher.

He worked in a planning capacity at a large corporation for 20 years, and, with his wife, Judy, owns Angvall Hardware and Mercantile in Lester Prairie, which he said gives him an understanding of the challenges faced by small business owners.

Angvall described himself as a fiscal conservative, and said this is what the Republican Party used to represent. “The Democratic Party does not equal irresponsible spending,” he said.

“Neither party has all the answers to all of the problems,” he added. “People who know me know that I am somewhat of an independent thinker.”

He said he would bring a cooperative spirit to the office.

“You need to arrive at a consensus, then back it and move forward. It can be rewarding to accomplish goals together,” he commented.

Angvall said he would be an accessible representative.

“I’d be a representative that you could actually see and talk to,” he said.

“A state representative is your touch with government. It starts the lawmaking process. This is your chance to be involved with what this democracy is supposed to be,” Angvall said.

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