Staff changes in the works at Ridgeview Delano Clinic

March 31, 2008

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

A staffing change is set to take place in mid-April at Ridgeview Delano Clinic with Dr. Melissa Mohrenweiser accepting a new position at an urgent care facility.

Mike Phelps, the vice president of Ridgeview Medical Center, said interviews have been taking place to fill the position.

“The timeline for filling it would be as soon as we find a qualified provider who fits the Ridgeview culture,” Phelps said. “We just don’t want any physician – we want those that are the right fit for the community.”

In the meantime, Phelps said Ridgeview will have physicians throughout its system that will float through and provide services. He said there will always be at least one physician in Delano, plus a mid-level physician assistant that is also already in Delano.

He also said there are other staffing options in the works, and that Ridgeview actually hopes to expand its capacity in Delano.

“We were looking to expand our capacity even more before Dr. Mohrenweiser decided to change avenues of practice,” Phelps said.

Phelps noted he has been in discussion with administration of Golden Living Center about the upcoming changes, as Mohrenweiser serves as the medical director of the facility.

“We at Golden Living Center really appreciated her involvement and taking on the role of medical director,” said Golden Living Center-Delano Executive Director Ernie Gershone. “It’s vitally important we have a consistent doctor to do that, and one who has an interest in chronic disease and geriatric medicine.”

Gershone said the facility’s medical director oversees and participates in policy development, the quality of care that’s provided, and is someone who provides a physician’s point of view on how the facility is run.

Right now, Phelps said Ridgeview is searching for providers, and hoping to increase staffing in Delano.

“Delano is an important community to us,” Phelps said. “We certainly understand the value of being there and building for the future.”

Phelps said Ridgeview is in the process of developing a communication piece to announce the staffing changes to its patients. Mohrenweiser’s last day at Ridgeview will be Tuesday, April 15.

He also said there is a capacity issue with people sometimes having a hard time getting in, so Ridgeview is looking at options to improve that aspect of the clinic. Another service Ridgeview may look to provide in the future is urgent care, which rated high on a survey that was done in 2007.

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