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Road conditions, commercial development discussed by Franklin Township

December 8, 2008

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, MN – Road conditions on Ehler Avenue in Franklin Township were the worst they’ve ever been, according to one resident who lives on that roadway.

At the Franklin Township Board meeting Dec. 1, the township board heard from Peggy Elijah about the condition of the roadway. Bob Perry of MBE in Delano, who had been using the roadway to haul gravel for a project, contacted Elijah and apologized to her. It was noted extra traffic, hauling, rain and mud on large vehicles have made the year increasingly difficult.

Elijah asked the township board as to what condition the roadway will be once the project is finished, and was told MBE has the responsibility to bring the road back to the condition it was before the project. Another resident present said he feels the road needs more attention.

Township Supervisor Bill McMullen discussed the recent positive experience the township has had with a crushed granite surface on 50th and 110th streets.

Possible commercial development discussed

McMullen brought up negotiations that are taking place for a possible “big box” development on County Line Road in Independence at the northeast intersection of Highway 12 and County Line Road.

It was noted neither the City of Delano or the City of Independence has discussed this with the township. McMullen said the township needs to go on record making sure the drainage issues are addressed. It was also discussed that the City of Delano and City of Independence stand to benefit from this project.

Increased traffic in Franklin Township was also brought up, with the City of Independence and Franklin Township currently splitting road maintenance of County Line Road south of Highway 12. The board feels the City of Independence should be responsible for maintenance of this road in its entirety.

The board approved McMullen to draft a letter to the City of Independence, with copies going to the City of Delano and the Metropolitan Council regarding the road and drainage issues.

CUP changed to allow car dealership on Hwy. 12

Doug Ault, owner of D&K Storage on Highway 12, spoke at the meeting about a partnership he has entered into with a man who wants to open a car dealership.

Ault said most of the vehicles will be pre-bought by customers, and he believed four or five cars at maximum would be along Highway 12. A section of Ault’s property is already approved by Wright County for storage. He said his property will not be a salvage yard, but rather temporary storage until insurance companies can reclaim the vehicles.

Ault’s property is presently zoned commercial, and it was noted this issue is on the agenda for Wright County Planning and Zoning to consider Thursday, Dec. 18. No more signage than what is already there will be added, and Ault does not anticipate any changes in traffic.

The board approved Ault’s request to alter his conditional use permit to allow for a car dealership on the property in addition to the existing uses already allowed.

Odds and ends

In other business, the board:

• reviewed its request for information about the costs of purchasing diesel fuel. At this time, it was noted the board feels no urgency to make a decision on the issue, and will continue to purchase on a month-to-month basis until there is more information on the issue.

• reviewed a conditional use permit from Scott Kohls who has a mobile home on his property as a farm accessory. The board noted it doesn’t have an issue with this, and feels Kohls is complying with the conditions of his permit. The next review date for this permit is November 2010.

• heard from Wright County Commissioner Jack Russek, who was present at the township meeting, who discussed the recent informational meeting that had taken place at Rockford Township Hall about Green Acres.

Russek encouraged people to send letters to legislators and let them know feelings about this legislation.

• designated Township Supervisor Mike Barfknecht to act on behalf of the township board at a meeting Dec. 2 with Mathiowetz Construction regarding repair work on the Halfway Bridge and the use of 110th Street as a hauling route for Wright County Road 17 construction.

• accepted a letter of engagement from Larson Allen for auditing for the year ending Dec. 31, 2008.


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