Summer roadwork in full swing throughout Howard Lake

July 21, 2008

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

Road construction is again in full swing this summer throughout Howard Lake. This summer’s work is called the 2008 North Central Improvement Project and will encompass the stretch of Wright County Road 6 north of the workzone of last summer, along with Seventh Street and 10th Street.

To complicate matters, concrete work done on Wright County Road 6 last year is failing and new curb and gutter along that stretch will need to be torn up and redone sometime this summer.

Testing was done on the concrete to determine who’s at fault, the concrete company Knife River, or Sundblad Construction’s sub-contractors, but test results have not yet been made public.

Detour at Victor Twnshp. is mostly for heavy trucks

This year’s Wright County Road 6 detour has been set up just like last year’s detour, and isn’t expected to come down anytime soon.

According to City Engineer Barry Glienke, the detour is estimated to last until late October, which is when construction is expected to be complete.

However, local traffic in cars and pickup trucks can still navigate through town.

Some “local traffic only” signs will soon go up on Wright County Road 6 and Haywood Drive.

“We’re getting a lot of commercial traffic (not following the detours) – a lot of semis and the like,” Glienke said.

Additionally, the city will soon erect a temporary stop sign at 11th Avenue and Eighth Street due to increased traffic going north and south at that intersection. The temporary stop sign will be taken down when construction is complete in the fall.

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