Highway 25 roundabout is under construction, set to open Sept. 11

July 21, 2008

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

The Carver County Road 10 roundabout is done, and the Highway 25 roundabout is under construction.

Crews are removing pavement at the intersection of Highway 25 and Highway 7 in Carver County in preparation for construction of a roundabout.

Construction of this roundabout is expected to be complete by mid-September, and at that time, the official Highway 7 detour will be moved to Highway 25, according to MnDOT engineer Kelly Brunkhorst.

There have been reports of confused motorists stopping or going the wrong way through the Carver County Road 10 roundabout that opened recently.

After watching traffic flow through the roundabout, Brunkhorst said “some things could be better” in terms of the signage at the roundabout, and MnDOT is reviewing this situation.

In response to a comment that the roundabouts will cause accidents, Brunkhorst said roundabouts have worked well in other areas, and, when there are accidents, they are typically only minor property damage incidents.

One person at Wednesday’s project update meeting said there had been a traffic stop in the roundabout that blocked traffic, and asked what the protocol was in these situations.

Carver County Deputy Tim Robbins said he would wait until a car was clear of the roundabout before he initiated a traffic stop, but added that officers can’t always dictate where a driver stops, and noted that it was possible that the officer may have initiated the stop outside of the roundabout.

Another person at the meeting asked why crews weren’t working 24 hours a day to expedite the project to minimize the inconvenience to local businesses.

“That is typically not the way we schedule projects in rural areas,” Brunkhorst said.

In response to a comment about incentives that were used to expedite the I-35W bridge project, Brunkhorst said there are no incentives for early completion on the Highway 7 project, but there are penalties if the project is not complete by Nov. 15.

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