Speed limit on CSAH 23 in LP could change back to 30 mph

February 4, 2008

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

The portion of CSAH 23 (Central Avenue) between Redwood Street North and CSAH 9 in Lester Prairie could soon be changed back to 30 mph, and that is good news, according to Police Chief Bob Carlson.

Last Wednesday, Carlson received an e-mail message from Mark Norbie of MnDOT stating that, based upon engineering and traffic investigation findings, Norbie recommended changing the speed limit on the portion of the road to 30 mph.

Norbie asked for Carlson’s input regarding the change.

In a written response, Carlson replied, “I agree with your determination, and support it 100 percent. We have children in the two new additions that walk to school on that road, and there are no shoulders. Their safety is a big concern to us, and the reduction of speed is a very wise decision.”

Carlson said the speed limit on that road was 30 mph for years, but the section between the “End 30 mph” sign and CSAH 9 was changed to 55 mph after a speed study was done a few years ago.

Carlson recently asked MnDOT to do a new speed study, which resulted in the proposed change.

The speed limit change still needs final approval from MnDOT before it takes effect, Carlson said. He expects this to take about a month.

The City of Lester Prairie applied for and was awarded a Safe Routes to School grant last spring that will allow the city to develop a trail parallel to CSAH 23 to allow children to safely travel between East Park Estates and other parts of the city, but the city still has not received the funding or final paperwork from the state, and has been unable to move forward with the project.