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Stewart uses experience and expertise to begin Maratona Communication

November 24, 2008

By Jen Bakken
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – After many years working for other companies, Amy Stewart of Delano decided to take her experience and expertise and open her own business.

While living in Colorado, she began working for AT&T, taking helpline calls, and quickly moved up the ladder, becoming an instructor. Missing Minnesota, her home, she moved back, and began doing project management, eventually moving to sales.

In July, she began her own business, using an office in her home. Her passion for running and marathons helped give her business a fitting name, Maratona Communication.

Maratona means marathon in Portuguese, also fitting since Stewart’s father is 100 percent Portuguese.

The business itself does not involve running marathons, but rather helping customers nationwide to design and implement the best services from the time their phone is picked up to the time of hang up.

Phones are her business, whether they be AT&T, Lucent, or Avaya. Stewart can help companies maintain their system, update and help with programing, or provide any other help they may need.

“While working with other companies, they kept adding layers of process, making it harder and harder to help businesses,” Stewart said. “I started my own company so businesses know they have one person they can call. I’m able to keep cost and overhead down because I have a network of technicians I can draw from. This helps me stay responsive.”

Originally, Stewart went to college to become an English teacher, but as an adult, online courses helped her obtain her master’s degree in organizational management.

Stewart has two children, Cameron and Haley, who attend Delano Public Schools. She is a very involved community member, currently serving as the Delano Area Chamber of Commerce vice president, as an ambassador for BNI and the education coordinator for the local chapter. Stewart is certified in Member Success Training (MSP), a networking training provided to new BNI members.

For more information on Maratona Communication, contact Stewart at (763) 972-9968, send an e-mail to amy@mymaratona.com, or visit the web site www.mymaratona.com.


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