Winsted Park Commission to review trail options on Kingsley St.

May 12, 2008

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

Winsted Park Commission is to review Kingsley trail possibilities at its Wednesday, May 21 meeting.

The discussion will focus on how to use Kingsley Street to link the Luce Line Trail with the lakefront promenade.

This meeting follows a well-attended community meeting April 22 at the Winsted Fire Hall where Winsted residents were asked to give comments and ideas to the city council regarding six suggested trail options for Kingsley.

The majority of those attending told the council they preferred leaving Kingsley as a two-way street using striping along the east side of the road to set aside its use as a trail. It is also one of the options that requires the least amount of work and expense to make happen.

The most publicized plan for using Kingsley would be linking the Luce Line Trail and the lakefront promenade by making Kingsley a one-way street running north into town.

This was a suggestion which originated with the Minnesota Design Team visit to Winsted in 2004. The idea was to bring more visitors using the trail, into the Winsted business district.

Council member Bonnie Quast commented after the community meeting, that although she had previously been considering a different option for Kinglsey than the one chosen by the majority of those attending, she will listen to the taxpayers.

“Otherwise, what is the sense of having these meetings,” Quast said. “I think the trail is an item that would be nice to have some day when the economy is better but it is not a priority like sewer, water and roads,” Quast said.

The city council will review the Kingsley Street trail possibilities during its regular council meeting Tuesday, June 3.

The Trail Committee, made up of the Winsted Park Commission, Winsted Chamber representatives, City Administrator Brent Mareck, and Mark Kaltsas of MK Land, a landscape architect, have been working on a Winsted trail master plan since February 2007.

The Winsted trail master plan will be presented to the city council at its Tuesday, July 1 meeting.

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