Ulland gets jail time for blight violation

September 8, 2008

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

Sam Ulland’s long-time blight issues in the City of Winsted will give him some jail time, according to Winsted city attorney Jody Winters.

In a sentencing hearing Aug. 29, the court stayed imposition of the sentence and placed Ulland on one year unsupervised probation on the condition he is to serve 10 days in jail. Eight days are stayed if the roof on the building at 163 Main Avenue West is completely repaired.

The repairs must be approved by the building inspector on or before Friday, Sept. 19.

If the roof is not repaired by that date, then Ulland will need to serve the 10 days in custody.

He is also to pay a fine of $250, due on or before Friday, Sept. 19, and he is to have no city building code violations within the one year time period.

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