Walker to run for Wright County Board of Commissioners

June 9, 2008

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

Matt Walker of Rockford Township said he plans to throw his hat into the ring for a spot on the Wright County Board of Commissioners.

The third district, which covers the Delano area, is presently served by Jack Russek of Delano.

Russek has announced his intent to refile for the position, and former Delano mayor Jon Steinmetz has also said he will file.

Walker is a fifth generation Wright County resident, and was an employee of the Wright County Sheriff’s Department from 1983 to 2002. He then accepted a position with the Metro Transit Police Department, where he is currently employed.

Walker has also served on the Rockford Township Board, as well as raising beef cattle in a family operation with his parents.

He resides in Rockford Township with his wife and two children, who attend Buffalo Public Schools. A member of Teamsters Local 320, Walker has served as a steward for the past five years.

“Challenges that we face as residents of the county are many,” Walker said. “The issues that immediately come to mind are: county spending, erosion of property owner rights, and county policies governing public safety.”

Walker said he will work with residents and local officials to limit local government (county government).

“Too many families go about their day-to-day lives paying their taxes without the need for many of the services they buy from the county. In a time of economic uncertainty, they not only want, but also need to have their county officials do a better job.

“County employees working hard for our residents need positive direction. Change must come from the county board to be effective.

More information will soon be available on Walker’s web site, vote4walker.com. To participate in Walker’s campaign, or to speak to him directly, call (612) 987-1612.

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