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Free Christmas concert in Winsted features Rebekah Antoine

November 17, 2008

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

WINSTED, MN – A free Christmas concert, to be part of the Winsted Winter Festival, will feature singer and songwriter Rebekah Antoine.

Antoine’s concert will take place at Holy Trinity High School’s gymnasium Saturday, Dec. 6 from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

It is sponsored by the Higher Ground Music Festival in conjunction with the Winsted Winter Festival, the Winsted Chamber of Commerce and the Holy Trinity Council of Catholic Women.

Higher Ground 2009 tickets will be sold at 2008 prices for just that one night.

Antoine is really looking forward to this chance to perform in Winsted with an opportunity to connect with the Higher Ground Ministry and get involved in how it is serving the Lord.

When the 23-year-old performer is not in concert, she is a worship leader at a Sauk Rapids church.

She has been singing for as long as she can remember, making her debut as a toddler at her home church in Luverne, MN with her mom, dad, and two brothers.

Back in those days, practice was using a toy microphone to put on her own concert in front of the picture window in her family home.

It wasn’t until the summer of her junior year, when she landed a lead role in a musical, that she went solo.

Today, she writes her own songs and enjoys performing in front of an audience.

With a strong Christian background, Antoine generally writes songs based on her faith because that is what inspires her.

“My songs are based on experiences that have moved me or from scripture that has spoken to my heart,” Antoine said.

The first song she wrote was called “Rain” which she started writing on some covered bleachers under a rainfall.

“The first verse of the song came straight from the heart, and I ran home to my piano to finish the song until early morning came,” she said.

The last song that she wrote was written about herself and is called “Not Perfect.”

“I am just your average woman. I am very down-to-earth and love talking to people about what makes them tick. I am definitely not perfect. I have flaws and have made my fair share of mistakes, but through the grace of God I am learning to have His heart,” Antoine said.

She also considers herself completely random and spontaneous, and she loves a good laugh. She is a huge fan of “The Office” TV show, loves bowling, and considers herself a closet athlete because no one knows how much she loves sports.

Antoine appreciates that different people have different styles and gifts and enjoys many kinds of music.

“My favorites are probably alternative rock, and also folk and folk-pop,” Antoine said. “Actually, I have an appreciation for all kinds of music, whether its classical, rock, and even rap sometimes.”

An upcoming short, collaborative worship album is in the works to be completed sometime in the near future. She will be working with friends to put it together and is very excited about it.

Her family has been a great influence in her life, and musical talent seems to run in the family.

The piano was something that she wanted to learn to play when she was in kindergarten, and she was given lessons by her mother.

She learned how to play guitar on her dad’s old classical guitar during her freshman year of college.

Her older brother Dan and younger brother Dustin both sing, write their own songs and play guitar and other instruments.

“We love a chance when we can all get together and play,” Antoine said.


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