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Still vibrant, still relevant

May 4, 2009

The news across the board about newspapers hasn’t been very good recently. We, at Herald Journal Publishing, have been watching the reports come in as time goes by during this poor economy.

Large corporate newspaper operations that have ties to private equity, venture and risky capital, and a large amount of debt, like the Star Tribune and American Community Newspapers (Sun Publications) are in distress; and in Minnesota, at least these two have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Those of us, including many of our independently owned neighbors, have diversified, added online services, and have remained committed to customers and community – and are still doing well, and have a greater reach with their newspapers than ever.

We remain vibrant and relevant to each community we serve, and are moving forward into the 21st century with modern technology and a wide array of marketing products and services. We continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of the towns we serve.

We are present at every major event that is important to our readers, and keep one step ahead of vital issues. We offer a civilized, moderated online blog and forum, and post daily news online.

Although we have been subjected to some cuts ourselves, and found it necessary to trim back expenses, too, we emerged from this process better than ever.

In many ways, the trimming of staff and expenses was a healthy part of making us more lean and responsive.

Nevertheless, we would like to reassure our readers that Herald Journal is prepared to serve them for years to come.


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