Beware of bunny ears
June 1, 2009
by Jen Bakken

While looking for a good family photo to put on my desk at work, I realized something – there isn’t one.

Sure, there are a lot of pictures, but good ones? Well, that’s another story.

There was one I found in which the kids and I were all looking in different directions, everywhere except directly at the camera.

Big brother is looking at little brother and laughing because he had just messed up his hair.

Little brother is looking at big brother will obvious annoyance.

Baby sister has her head turned and is looking away from her brothers, possibly wishing she had sisters instead.

Then there’s mom, who is looking up at the ceiling, clearly saying a silent prayer.

Recently we had our picture taken at my parents’ house. Even though I begged my children, “Please, let mom have one good picture,” it still didn’t turn out well.

Big brother has an annoyed smirk rather than a smile, hoping to get it over with.

Little brother has his head leaning to one side, his mouth wide open, and is making a goofy face.

Little sister has her arms crossed, is frowning, and glaring at the camera.

Of course someone always has to blink at the wrong time and end up photographed with their eyes closed, so I have many of these.

And if you try to get a picture of my children and their cousins – look out.

Just as we get all eight children, ranging in ages from 1 year old to 19 years old, set up, chaos ensues.

Someone smacks someone on the arm, one child refuses to smile, and another makes a funny face.

There’s a finger hidden inside the nose of one youngster, another is screaming, and the smallest one is trying to escape from the entire scene.

Finally, we think we have convinced all eight little monsters to sit still and forced them to smile.

The picture is taken, we let out a sigh of relief, and each child takes off in a different direction.

A quick glance at the picture in the digital camera shows a group of happy kids until we zoom in to get a closer look.

Peeking out behind the head of one child is a set of bunny ears.

It’s simple to figure out who the two fingers belong to because that child has a big, toothy, guilty grin.

Thank goodness for digital cameras – they have made this whole picture taking process easier.

Usually we have time to check and make sure we have a good photo before the kids run away. And, better yet, we can delete the bad pictures.

Unfortunately, even with digital cameras, we still have to beware of bunny ears.

A Tiny Tales side note

I would like to express appreciation to the wonderful teachers who have been involved with my children this year – Lynda Sohns, Sharon Keller, Andrea Doom, Sue Wallinga, Marie Techam, and Melissa Scott.

My appreciation to all teachers and staff at Delano Public Schools for another great school year to Stahlke Bus Company for providing safe transportation.