Derek Boogaard adds modeling to his resume

September 7, 2009

by Jen Bakken

One doesn’t typically think of an NHL hockey player as a model, but Minnesota Wild left wing Derek Boogaard did just that at the Minnesota State Fair Aug. 30.

The Wild revealed their much anticipated third jersey. The crowd chanted, “Boogey! Boogey! Boogey!”

Boogaard, who stands 6’ 8 “ could be seen making his way through the crowd to the stage with Wild mascot Gordy.

Both Gordy and Boogaard were sporting the new third jersey with the Wild’s forest green, with wheat trim and a touch of Iron Range red.

According to Wild.com, the jersey’s classic sports look was the overwhelming favorite of Wild fans surveyed during the summer of 2008.

The jersey crest features a script “Minnesota” with “WILD” emblazoned below. The script look including the classic “M,” harkens back to historic Minnesota teams of the past including Minneapolis and Saint Paul teams of the 1930s and 1940s.

The familiar “north star” element, borrowed from the primary Wild logo, dots the “I” and adds a decorative detail to the stylized “M.”

“We wanted to provide our fans with a new look and feel for our third uniform that is uniquely Minnesota and true to our brand-authentic, classic, contemporary,” said John Maher, vice president of brand marketing. “And truly worthy of the State of Hockey.”

A large crowd full of Wild fans stood to witness the new jersey firsthand, not to mention catch a glimpse of Boogaard.

It can be said that number 24, is a fan favorite for his toughness on the ice, but the state fair crowd may have been a little surprised at his quiet demeanor off the ice.

Someone in the crowd questioned who Boogaard was going to set his sights on this season, to which he replied with nearly a whisper, “I’m not that fussy.”

Either way, fans are ready for their Minnesota Wild to take the ice. The team will debut its new jersey Wednesday, Oct. 21 against the Colorado Avalanche and will wear them 15 times this season.

Even though my son and I stood in line for two hours to see this event, it was well worth it, and I’m excited to see the Wild take the ice, new coach, new jersey and all.

It will, however, be strange to not see Jacques Lemaire on the bench or Marion Gaborik with a Wild jersey on.

Since I am no longer a hockey mom, every season I feel as though I am going through withdrawals.

No more gear to buy, no early morning ice times, no away tournaments, and most of all, no games to watch.

So if I now go a bit wild for the Wild, please excuse me, it’s the only hockey I have.

Check out wild.nhl.com for more pictures of the newly revealed third jersey, more team information, and their upcoming schedule.