Spring is a gift

March 30, 2009

by Jenni Sebora

The delightful poem “A Gift of Spring” written by Mildred L. Jarrell certainly reveals to us how spring dresses the earth in colors and song for our senses to be awakened.

I don’t know about all of you, but this past week has been rejuvenation in emotion and spirit for me. The wonderful warming of the air, the melting of the last drops of snow, and the arrival of the first birds of spring do awaken our senses to yet a new beginning. Spring brings to us a time of joyous celebration of nature and what it brings to us.

Spring reminds us that we all have second chances, both literally and rhetorically. We all need that. It is never too late to make positive changes in our lives, and spring reminds us of this.

Last week, on a somewhat drizzly evening, my family and I took to the road for our first spring walk. Clad in rain boots and umbrellas in hand we paced down the road taking in the fresh scent of rain air. It was exhilarating, not to say a fun family time – walking, talking, enjoying the natural wonder of things.

I saw the first robin of spring for me, a pheasant on the side of the road, a bunny hopping across our driveway, and a squirrel scampering up a tree. All have come out of their winter housing, back into the world of spring, like they had missed each other over the long course of winter. Each coming out ready for their first conversation of the spring, catching up on old and new business. How can that not make a person feel hopeful and happier?

Spring is a gift, ready to be opened and revealed each year. This gift should not be wasted or set aside. So, as we are all entering this season of rejuvenation, let us remember that we can improve our lives and our family’s lives by little things that mean a lot.

Start each day with a kiss and a hug. Go for a walk together. Laugh together. Cuddle. Hold hands. Give back rubs. Talk about dreams. Reminisce. Pray for one another. Listen. Encourage. Do it the other’s way. Talk. Compliment one another. Focus on the good in your lives. Apologize. Forgive. Show respect. Send a card for no reason or leave a loving note for each other. Wink at each other. Smile often. Admit when you are wrong. Teach this to your children. Say, “I love you.” End each day with a kiss and a hug.

Those simple things take just a moment to do, but can make the biggest impact on the quality of your family time and unit.

Happy spring to all of you. It is a gift worth taking.