The best summer night
August 31, 2009
by Jenni Sebora

It was a great week-end. It felt like “home.” The week-end was spent with baseball, family and lots of laughs. Simple fun.

My family and I headed to Gaylord on a beautiful late Saturday afternoon to watch the Winsted Wildcats baseball team in the first round of the state amateur baseball tournament.

I have three nephews that play on the team and plus I just enjoy watching baseball. I grew up with it.

Baseball was in the air. You could certainly tell it was a state tournament. Everything was turned up a notch. The ball field looked beautiful. Various concessions surrounded the field and the stands were filled with fans yelling, clapping, blowing horns for their respective team. Yep, it was state tournament time.

We sat in the stands surrounded by great company. My older sister, my three brothers, a sister-in-law and nieces and nephews all came to enjoy the game and a beautiful summer evening.

This baseball scenario provided an atmosphere and the stage for my family to share in an evening of camaraderie.

To top it off, it was a great game of baseball to watch – for the Wildcat fans anyway. The opposing team, Lonsdale, a veteran state tournament team , got the first one of the game, but it was the only run for them.

As the game progressed, so did the hits and the runs for the Wildcat team. The final score – 10 to 1 – in favor of the Wildcats. There was a lot of cheering and clapping on our part as there was a lot to cheer about.

The Howard Lake Orphans were also in the state tournament, playing at Arlington at a later time that same evening. I would have headed over to watch that game as well, but one game and all the hoopla is enough for children.

After the game, we shared in some ball game chat with family, friends and players and then accepted an invitation from my sister to come to her house for some barbecues, bars and more conversation. She lives right down the street from the ball park, in fact, just across the street from where sports announcer, Mike Max grew up.

As we pulled into her driveway, it just felt like home. As we entered the house, we were flooded with the scents of my sister’s great cooking.

There it was – what I remember from my childhood days – the evening luncheon shared with family. The child cousins, who now include my own children, sitting at one table sharing their own conversations; and the adults at another table. Great food, company, conversation and lots of laughs.

My older brother, Chuck, has a knack for telling stories, and his laugh is contagious so an evening shared with him and his wife and my other relatives listening to stories and sharing memories just can’t be beat. Now that our parents are both passed away, we siblings getting together as a family, is in a sense an honor to them. We are continuing to share the family that they created together.

As it was already evening, and the kids were getting tired, we all bade our good-byes, including some hugs and kisses. Childhood memories came flooding back once again. Evening “luncheons” were always a part of our week-ends when I was growing up, which included the good-byes that always meandered for well over half of an hour.

Nostalgia. As we were driving home, our three children fell asleep, just as I had so many times on this same trip home. My husband and both shared in the same sentiment – what a great day it was. Those are the days and evenings you don’t want to come to an end.

Baseball and family; a cozy home and delicious food; camaraderie and laughs; memories shared and more made. You just can’t get better than that. It was probably our favorite day of the summer.