Thanksgiving family fun

November 16, 2009

by Jenni Sebora

Thanksgiving is my husband’s favorite holiday. In addition to the food, which must include turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, biscuits or bread, and pumpkin pie, he loves watching the annual parades with our children.

But mostly, it is the sentiment and nostalgia that Thanksgiving brings that finds my husband always asking the annual question of my children, “Do you know what my favorite holiday is?” (This question is as much a tradition as pumpkin pie in our family).

And, they now all know the answer. “Thanksgiving, right Dad?”

At this holiday time, we, as a family, like to engage in some holiday fun, which certainly includes baking and usually doing some craft or gratitude activity. The following are some holiday activity ideas to get the holiday sentiments in gear.

Lori Zastrow, Berea, KY submitted this idea for some holiday fun in the FamilyFun magazine, November 2006. Her four children created a turkey on a plain doormat out of their hand and foot prints. Foot prints comprised the plumage and a foot print, toes facing down, made up the body. Handprints were the turkey’s feet and some feathers, as well. They used a variety of paint colors. It was adorable – what a homemade welcome for guests.

I found this Thanksgiving recipe, Quick Pickled Peaches, on www.aliciasrecipe.com which noted that it is a favorite part of her family’s festivities.

Recipe ingredients: four pounds canned peach halves – drain and save juice, three-fourths cup packed brown sugar, one-half cup apple cider vinegar, three sticks cinnamon and one tablespoon whole cloves.

Drain the peaches; put juice and remaining ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for five minutes. Place peach halves in glass or heat-proof plastic container, and cover with hot syrup. Keep this refrigerated until ready to use. Use within three days.

I am going to make this recipe for Thanksgiving this year.

Here’s another neat autumn craft idea. Your child could make a bouquet of these paper sunflowers as a Thanksgiving centerpiece, maybe even for a children’s table.

You will need a small paper plate, some small brown pom-poms, a wooden dowel (or you could use a straw), glue, yellow acrylic paint, green paint, paintbrush, scissors, two pipe cleaners, and/or green paper.

Cut about one inch slits all the way around the paper plate going about one-third inch in. Round or curl each slip a little using a scissors or even a pencil to form the petals. Paint the petals yellow if you are making a sunflower, or whatever color you choose.

Paint the dowel green for the stem or again, use a straw.

Glue the pom-poms in the center of the plate for the center of the flower. Fold each pipe cleaner in half and twist and twist the ends. Form each pipe cleaner into a leaf shape with the twisted part being used to wrap around the stem. Thus, you have your two leaves. Or cut out leaf shapes from construction paper and glue on the dowel or straw end (if using a straw, you could staple the paper leaves on). (Idea source: crafts.kaboose.com)

Make a few to form a bouquet and place in a vase or jar. You could tie some raffia around the bouquet or vase and you have one beautiful handmade decoration.