Golfing for the good of Rotary

Oct. 12, 2009

by Kristen Miller

I know I’m not a sports writer, but I think it’s OK to venture out of my beat every once in awhile, especially if it’s for the entertainment of my readers.

I share this story not to humiliate myself – which is likely to be a result – but to bring a smile, or even a chuckle, to those in need of one.

It just so happened to be time for the annual Rotary golf tournament recently.

So, for the good of Rotary, I signed up as a golfer this year.

To give you some background, I’m not a golfer.

The interest to play was there, and I did take it to the driving range for the first time last year.

I have also played a few games of miniature golf in my lifetime – not to say that it’s close to the real thing, but it gives you a feel for the game none the less.

Every year since I’ve been in Rotary, I have partaken in the golf tournament, just in different capacities.

Usually it involved driving a cart (not on the greens, Mike), keeping the good golfers hydrated and refreshed. Undoubtedly, I served a purpose.

But this year, I really wanted to help my club by sharing a talent I didn’t know I had (and it was in need of teams).

No way am I a really good golfer, but driving the ball (that’s what it’s called, right?!) even farther than my fellow teammate (ED sports editor Stephen Wiblemo) gave my ego a little boost.

I do have to admit, I gave my teammates a good laugh from the get-go when I asked, “Is this your first time on the golf field this year?”

Yes, I called it a field, even though I really did know it’s a course. It just came out wrong, that’s all (I guess I had football on my mind).

Oh, well. It’s just one of the things that will make this year’s Rotary golf tournament a memorable one.

Despite the cold and rainy weather, we golfers survived the nine holes and even had some fun.

I actually surprised myself, and my team, by golfing as well as I did, even though, in the end, Stephen and I got trophies for being the worst players in the tournament.

Oh well. Maybe next year I will be better, if anyone is willing to be on my team. I’m not that bad, I promise!