Hacking my way through the digital jungle on Facebook

March 9, 2009

by Herald Journal & Enteprise Dispatch Editor Lynda Jensen

So, this week I continue my trip into the digital world by forging ahead with week two of Facebook.

On Facebook, you have something called a “wall,” which is where people write little notes (it’s really just a computer screen with little notes and small pictures on it).

You are encouraged to record what you are doing each day, which adds endless hours of true mirth for some to answer this question.

For example, Denise Rosenau of Cokato wrote “Denise Thomas Rosenau childproofed her house, but they still get in.” I thought that was hysterical.

Examples of my answers are “Lynda is going to Walmart to spend Brian’s money. Whoopeee!!,” and “Lynda is watching a John Wayne movie with Brie.” You can write just about anything, although the fear that is most common, I believe, is that of being boring.

You can also write notes back and forth, which is fantastic if you have crackerhead friends like Mark Ollig, who is funny and always has something interesting on his notes.

He’s always posting something that will educate you, which can be kind of vexing. I’m proud to say that I worked hard this week to avoid reading the manual on Facebook. Whew.

Initially, I said something about being German and he said “Hey, I am German, too!” Then he wrote the following:

“Ich nie bin nach Deutschland gewesen, aber meine Schwestertochter hat beent hier einige Male und spricht deutsche Sprachen der fließenden Hochs und Tiefs. Danielle ist in Deutschland im nächsten Monat für einen Besuch. Ich bin, jedes deutsche dunkle Bier herum durstig! lol!

I remember being dumbfounded over this note (not knowing German), and translating it back to him as “I like Germany, and in fact know a girl in Germany named Danielle, and by the way I’m a hot German, myself.” He laughed.

Here is the translation from Mark: "I never was to Germany, but my sister's daughter has been there several times and speaks high and low German languages. Danielle is in Germany next month for a visit. I am thirsty, let's order some German dark beer all around! lol!"

Denise and I were reminiscing about working together years ago at Herald Journal and she wrote “LOL – I was just thinking back to the old days there in Herald-ville... ah, the good times! Lunatic asylum is right – especially on a Friday before deadline. At least it makes the time go by really, really fast!”

Another thing I did was sign up to be a “FAN” of the Blue Note, which posts its schedule of events and such things as “Happy Birthday to Max Fasching.”

If you want to see a fantastic cross section of Winsted people, check out the 141 fans in this group. Some of them actually have their dogs as their Facebook pictures.

There’s a horde of Herald Journal people online, too. It seems that a stampede ensued last week, with many accounts being set up about that time. I blame – I mean, I think – it’s because of Mark Ollig’s column.

Anyway, the final answer to whether Facebook is much different than email is that it’s completely different. Facebook is very visual and interactive, where email is kind of boring.

On Facebook, you can play games and then have the results posted to all of your friends, or answer a quiz and have one answer broadcast everywhere. It’s interesting.

Nice pictures from the Dibbs

Shirley Dibb’s grandson Kyle Dibb submitted beautiful pictures of Lake Superior ice, in response to my request for ice pictures. One is shown (click to see).

On my blog last week, I asked for photo submissions.

Do you have interesting pictures of snow or ice formations? Or just something pretty? Please submit them to the newspaper at news@heraldjournal.com, and we’ll post them on the web.

I also asked for snow bird pictures in the sun, too, but received nothing. Where is Phyllis Terning when you need her? Shoot.

Quote of the week

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

– Thomas Aquinas