No points for being good

March 30, 2009

by Herald Journal & Enteprise Dispatch Editor Lynda Jensen

Each week it seems that I hear about yet another story that involves the lack of simple financial responsibility.

The AIG scandal is the most recent page in the chapter of our nation’s history that tells the story of sordid, cloudy decision-making.

There’s plenty of blame to spread around. For the general public, when did it become fashionable to spend more than you take in – to finance yourself into oblivion?

If you are young and first married, you will be poor and have to do without. That’s life. You don’t start out life with “everything” – you work slowly over time, and eventually, if everything works out right, you can afford nice things.

And, what the heck? Kids will destroy the nice things anyway if you get them first and not later (I’m thinking of furniture).

In the recent past, it seemed like neighbors of ours and others (of whom we knew darn well they didn’t have the money) always enjoyed much nicer things.

Avoiding the temptation was hard, but was well worth it, especially now.

However, nowadays, it seems that when it comes to money, most of the time those who use shallow judgement and a lack of self control are somehow rewarded, or receive a bailout of tax dollars from everyone else who (mostly) used prudent decision-making.

That’s too bad.

Ready for another Minnesota spring?

The answer is always ‘yes’ to that question because we are so crazed for warm weather of any kind that even a sloppy, miserably cold and wet spring seems like a good thing after below zero temperatures.

Do you think the University of Minnesota should analyze whether the mental whiplash of a Minnesota spring (cold – warm – wet snow – a little warmer) deteriorates brain cells slowly over time? They don’t grow back, you know.

Anyway, I am happy to report that Phyllis Terning of Cokato did come through with sunny pictures in response to my plea, sending a truly gorgeous sunset photo from sunny Tuscon, AZ. It’s on the ED Blog right now, if you wish to enjoy it. I didn’t have the heart to reprint it in a black-and-white column.

Here is a note from her:

“Hello from sunny Tucson! Yes, it is sunny but also can get cold at times too. All in all it beats the snow in Minnesota! I love it here for the 3-1/2 months each year.

“I sure have had an abundance of fruit to harvest this year as in other years, too. I have had a lot of company to help me tho as we pick it, bag it and put it out near the street in our park. The aroma is so great right now as the trees are all in bloom.

“There are so many fruit trees (oranges, grapefruit, kumquats and lemons, but people pick them up as fast as we could pick them. It is a real job though, as some are so high in the trees.

“The one picture is of me resting under my orange tree (see below). The one of the sunset I must admit I sort of cheated on as I put my sun glasses over the lens ! ! God’s truly gave us a beautiful sunset anyway tho that day. (No snow in my area this year though!).”

Phyllis Terning, Cokato

Quote of the week

“Everyone wants to change, but change demands desire and discipline before it becomes delightful. There is always the agony of choice before the promise of change.” – Pastor Larry Lea, author of the book “Could you not tarry one hour?”