More and more 'faces' are joining Facebook

March 16, 2009

by Mark Ollig

Oh no, it’s another Facebook column.

The column I wrote about Facebook – which was more than a month ago – just won’t go away and now, it seems everyone is talking about it.

New Facebook members include some of the staff writers, editors, and columnists here at the paper.

Even fellow column writer and Herald Journal and Enterprise Dispatch Editor Lynda Jensen has been mentioning Facebook and a certain “Bits & Bytes” columnist in her past columns.

Oh, by the way Lynda, I have been feeling guilty and sincerely hope I have not misled you (much) about my German speaking skills.

I must however publicly confess I owe much of my German writing and translation abilities to a very special web site I wrote a column about back in 1998.

The “Babel Fish” language translations web site is still very much available on the Internet at: babelfish.yahoo.com.

Thanks, Lynda, for being such a good Facebook friend, LOL.

Facebook also has a few Minnesota professional sport teams as members.

The Minnesota Vikings have almost 45,000 Facebook fans, and the Twins have around 43,600.

A person can search for Facebook users using the “Search by company or school” or “Search by e-mail” parameter.

If a former classmate is using Facebook, chances are good you can connect with that person again.

The one thing about Facebook I have realized since joining is how the amount of time I spend on it increases as the number of my new friends multiplies.

I spend more time responding to the public messages on my Facebook Wall and the private inbox messages.

One also needs to be adding newer pictures, web links, and videos to keep the profile page fresh.”

I also try to update my personal profile picture on a weekly basis, too.

Since I am running out of the younger pictures of me, I have found myself tempted to start editing (removing wrinkles) on my more recent pictures using PhotoShop.

Hey, I know some of you out there have done that. I can’t be the only one doing it . . . can I?

Do I hear the 1973 Carly Simon song, “You’re So Vain” playing in the background?

Well, my current Facebook profile picture is one from yesteryear, which shows yours truly looking confident as he is hanging atop a telephone pole in all of his telephone climbing paraphernalia – including tool pouch and a test phone, or what we used to call a “butinski.”

One of the more prized comments I received on my Facebook Wall about this picture includes, “Who is the stud on the pole?”

Yes, how I do love being on Facebook.

The Facebook “Inbox” is an application for personal e-mail between friends or other users on Facebook you want to send a message to.

Using Facebook helps me to keep up-to-date with the activities other family members are involved in, too.

Facebook gives all of us a virtual online meeting place, where we can stop in anytime to chat or just to share some new pictures or interesting web links we come across.

When a friend or family member is online, I am able to get their attention by using the Facebook “poke” feature. When you poke someone, they will receive a poke alert icon on their home page.

I did want to point out that your personal profile page, which I equate to a personal web page, is only viewable by those you have accepted as friends.

To be a friend, a “friend request” is sent to your Facebook user name and you have the option of accepting the person as a friend or declining the friend request.

This provides a certain security and comfort level in knowing the information you post is only seen by the people you have approved.

You can also remove any of the photographs, links, or comments you have posted on your profile page or on another page. You can also remove a person from your list of friends.

One of the 37 Facebook links I have uploaded includes “Where’s the Hubble Now?” This link tracks the current location of the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope.

You can see where the Hubble is right now by visiting http://tinyurl.com/d8cfld.

If you are a regular reader of this column, you know I am a huge fan of the original Star Trek series.

On my Facebook profile page, I added a humorous Star Trek parody YouTube video link.

This link shows the USS Enterprise and crew making a KFC “chicken run” to earth. You will be amazed at how the actors look and sound so much like the original cast members.

I encourage all my fellow TOS (the original series) fans of Star Trek to check it out, either on my Facebook profile page if you are a friend, or by visiting the shortened URL link I made at http://tinyurl.com/4gfwgz.

If you are interested in joining all the Facebook fun, check out and make some new friends at: www.facebook.com.