New K3 wind and solar 'tribrid' device worth looking at

May 4, 2009

by Mark Ollig

I like reading stories about entrepreneurs who come up with an exciting idea for a new product, build it, and present it to the world.

The product is called the “K3 Portable Wind/Solar Charger,” and is made by Kinesis Industries, located in Scottsdale, AZ.

What’s so cool about the K3 unit is it can charge small electronic devices, using wind and or solar power, or both.

This would be ideal for cell phones, iPhones, iPods, your MP3 players, digital cameras, Blackberry’s, Bluetooth headsets, GPS units, gaming devices, and more.

If there is an emergency or no available power supply, people could keep these electronic devices powered and connected through the use of the K3.

The K3 Charger is portable. It measures 3.0x9.3x3.1 inches, which makes it about the size of a flashlight.

There is a solar cell panel along the length of the K3 which collects the sun’s rays.

The top end has an enclosed fan, which collects the wind energy.

It takes about eight hours to fully charge the K3 using just the sun (solar) and 22 hours to charge using only the wind.

A combination of both solar and wind will take seven hours.

The K3 incorporates a 3-in-1 charging ability for collecting and storing power from the wind, sun, or even an “old-fashioned’ AC wall plug.

One of the things which caught my eye about this particular device is once the K3 unit is fully charged, it can re-charge a cell phone more than five times, or recharge an iPod or MP3 player more than 10 times.

When the K3 Charger starts actual delivery in July, the box it comes in will contain the K3 unit itself, along with a USB cable, AC wall adapter, drawstring storage bag, popular device connectors and the last thing some folks read: the quick-start guide.

In our continuing quest to be green and reduce our carbon footprints, we can use the free energy provided by the sun and wind to charge the K3, which will charge and power our electronic devices.

Just one hour of sun and wind provides about 30 minutes of talk time and over 300 minutes of MP3 music playing time, based on sunlight intensity and wind speed.

The K3 Charger uses a rechargeable lithium ion 3.7 volt cell battery and provides 5 watts of power and 5 volts 1 amp of DC voltage output to the device it is powering. The battery capacity is 4000 (mAh) (milliamp hours).

The K3 will operate in temperatures from -4F to131F, and includes built-in LED level indicators showing the power status.

The portability of the K3 Charger makes it very convenient to take along anywhere.

This would be great for charging my iPod when I am away from an outlet.

The K3 retail price will be $99.95 and it will soon be available at electronic and other chain stores. They are available for preorder now at http://www.kinesisindustries.com.

Shipments will start in June. with deliveries in July, so this is definitely a new-to- the-market high tech device we’re talking about.

I watched with interest a short video with Tod Wagenhals, who is the president of Kinesis Industries talking about the K3 Charger.

The link for the video is: http://tinyurl.com/dgvvze.

In June 2008, Eric and Tod created Kinesis Industries LLC, a company which develops, manufactures, and distributes “micro-generation renewable energy products” to consumers worldwide.

Through Kinesis Industries, Tod and Eric developed a device called the K3 Charger.

Beth McRae is the press contact for Kinesis Industries. She was kind enough to contact Tod Wagenhals, the president of Kinesis Industries for me.

I wanted to know what got them started, and to also provide a brief synopsis of the K3.

Beth sent me Wagenhals replies about the new K3 Charger, which I appreciate.

Ollig: “Thanks Mr.Wagenhals for the time. Could you please give a brief description of your interest in solar and wind power and, of course, the K3?

Tod Wagenhals: “My business partner and I have always been intrigued with solar and wind power and energy efficiency. We worked, over time, to create the K3, or what we call a ‘tribrid’ device, which can charge small electronics through sun, wind, or electricity.”

Ollig: “With people’s awareness of smart energy use and today’s attention focused on reducing our carbon footprint, how will the K3 help with this?”

Tod Wagenhals: “When people use the K3 as a solar- or wind-generated charger, they are literally creating their own energy to charge their iPod, cell phone, camera, etc. Although it may be by a small amount, the action of using the K3 does reduce their carbon footprint.”

Ollig: “How could the K3 be of assistance to people? Where would they use it?”

Tod Wagenhals: “We consider the K3 to be a lifestyle product in that it can be taken anywhere to charge devices at anytime. That includes domestic and international travel, the beach, by the pool at home, and even the most remote camping, hiking or fishing areas.”

Bits & Bytes wants to thank Tod Wagenhals and Beth McRae for their time and correspondence for this article.

Kinesis Industries YouTube channel is located at http://www.youtube.com/KinesisIndustries.

This week’s “Web Site of The Week” forum will provide more information, pictures, and also the video with Tod Wagenhals talking about the new K3 Charger, so be sure to stop by.