Resurrection power
April 20, 2009
By Pastor Dan Swanson, First Baptist Church, Cokato

What a change occurred after the disciples of Jesus met with Him and began to recognize what we call the resurrection of their Lord and teacher, Jesus of Nazareth.

Think of it for just a moment. They had lost this one who had become more important to them than they knew or realized. He had loved them, although they were so very slow of heart and mind.

“How long will I be with you?,” He had said when they just didn’t seem to be understanding some pretty basic things.

Yet, even when they had forsaken Him, denied Him, and hidden themselves in the bushes for fear of arrest and identifying with Him, He came to the fearful, wondering, doubtful bunch and showed Himself alive, visible, touchable, and as caring as He had ever been. What a friend they had, and continue to have in Jesus!

He showed Himself to them. He talked and walked and ate with them. He revealed abilities beyond natural ones to them, often, so that they began to believe He really had come back from the grave. And these people went out, joined by countless others who became convinced that Jesus really was the promised deliverer who came to free us from the grip of the fear of death.

He who was so brutally killed on the cross and had been buried in Joseph of Aramathea’s tomb, is alive and well, and better than ever before.

These same defeated, discouraged, and cowering disciples went out, and in the power of God’s Holy Spirit, turned the world upside down. What a story!

But, you see, it is not fiction. It is truly the greatest story ever told. Countless millions of people across the globe have heard this great story and have been changed by the carpenter from Nazareth.

The same power that was given to those disciples is still available. The power of God that raised the dead body of Jesus so long ago is still working in lives today.

In a power-hungry world like ours, wisdom and study should lead us to come to Jesus, asking Him to touch our lives and transform us into spokesmen, both by our words and in our lifestyle, into men and women who seek to spread the good news.

God desires each believer to tell the good news, just as those transformed disciples did. Let’s make Christian faith a 365/24/7 experience and change our world!