Fill the void with God
July 20, 2009
by Rev. Eric Nelson, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Lester Prairie

Why is our existence in the world so difficult? It is full of anxiety, loneliness, and a general lack of meaning. Because of the loneliness and despair that afflicts our lives, is it any wonder that Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have enjoyed such enormous success?

This is not what God had intended for us. He did not create us to have a lonely life, filled with misery and anxiety. He created us to have a rich and full relationship with Himself.

God, it seems, does not occupy a central part of our lives. He has been pushed aside to the margins. If we need Him, we call for Him. Otherwise, we think we can get along without His interference.

How is it that we would cast aside our Creator like this? Certainly, our sinfulness has something to do with it. Sin does not want to answer to anyone – especially God. More than that, however, it has been further promoted by the ideas and philosophies that have captivated our society.

The Enlightenment, for example, attempted to remove God from His throne as the Lord of the Universe and replace Him with our intellect and reason. As a result, we were no longer to turn to some sort of deity to give us answers, direction, and meaning for our lives. Reason was supposed to be the key that would unlock such secrets.

Today, we have moved on from such ideals of the modern age and have entered the postmodern age. Postmodernism is skeptical about reason’s power to find meaning and truth. As a matter of fact, postmodernism is skeptical about meaning and truth, in general. Such questions are left for the individual to work out.

This current philosophy leaves us in charge. We are only accountable to ourselves. That is what our corrupt nature wants to hear. But it also leaves us estranged and alone. We become random bits floating about in the universe. How do we fill this void?

Our culture attempts to fill the void with consumerism and hectic activity. For this reason, we don’t define who we are in terms of a relationship to our Creator. Instead, we define who we are by the designer labels we wear, the kind of automobile we drive, and the square-footage of our house. In addition, clubs, committees, sports leagues, and the like give us a sense of belonging and add purpose to our fleeting lives.

God wants more for you. God desires to give true and lasting meaning to your fleeting lives. There is more to this existence than the toils and troubles we endure.

This is what you have in Christ. Christ gave up His unblemished life on a cross for you in order to reconcile you back to your Creator. Because His sacrifice was enough to answer for all your sins, He was raised to life.

Therefore, you have complete forgiveness. No longer will your sins be counted against you. There is no more judgment to face. Instead, there is eternal life for all who trust in Him.

Since you have been made right with the Creator, the lost relationship has been restored. As a result, you are not alone – a random bit floating about in the universe.

In Christ, you have a Lord who is for you. He is on your side. He can provide meaning and purpose to your existence. He reveals that you do matter. That is why He suffered and died to make you His own.