God 'hides' in creation
August 17, 2009
by Rev. Erick Thompson, Bethel Lutheran Church, Lester Prairie

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend some time in northern Minnesota at my cousin’s lake cabin.

Not like many “cabins” in Minnesota, this cabin has no electricity, running water, or cell phone access. It is pretty rustic, with our only convenience being buildings as opposed to tents to sleep in.

I was only there a few days, but in that time, I had no phone calls, no Internet usage, no late nights watching TV. Instead, I was “forced” to spend time fishing, playing cards, talking, walking, reading, and so on. You get the picture.

It was not a typical couple days in the life of a 21st century person, and definitely not typical days for me. I love to read the news on the Internet, watch a few favorite TV shows, spend time talking on the cell phone, among many other activities.

What my trip up north made me think about was how much time we spend focused on pursuits that our electronic age has brought us. I’m not suggesting that these things are bad, rather the lack of electricity made me think about what really is important.

My greatest realization was that spending a few days without electricity put creation back in charge. When it was dark, it was hard to do little else but relax and go to bed. When it was nice out, it was time to go fish, or do a project at the cabin. When it rained, perhaps a card game or two was in order.

Finally, all this pushed me back into thinking that as easily as we lose sight of how we’re living our lives, we lose sight of how God is with us. When we’re so caught up with updating our Facebook profile, reading “tweets,” watching TV, going to see movies, and browsing the Internet, we don’t have time for God.

We don’t make time for the One who gave us the gift of creation. Creation is God’s good gift to us and it is a “mask” for God. By mask, I mean that God is “hiding” in creation. You can’t look at a tree and “see” God, but He is there.

Through the eyes of faith, we can see God in creation. My time up north reminded me of that; and what a great reminder it was.